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  1. I would wait until Orientation to purchase books because I heard they are changing books. Once school starts you don't a bunch of nursing books you don't need or can't resale. But if your are very anxious go to Southwest online bookstore to see if they have Foundations books available.
  2. I think you may have started in the Spring semester? The Fall semester is done differently, we could not do anything until after Orientation in August. After orientation we had to email the dean our permits and she would reply back saying it was ok to register for the class. Also, in the Fall one of the clinicals are different, they have a Friday/Saturday split clinical, so the first 6 weeks you have clinical on Friday at the campus then when we went the hospital your clinical day changed to Saturday. And we also had the option to have a clinical on a Sunday. Preparing for the Spring semester doesn't give much time compared to the fall because Foundations would start at 12:30p or 2:45p but once you move on to the other semesters your classes start at 9:10a. They just had us sign our paperwork and told us don't do anything until after Orientation. And plus the dean is out attending meetings so she doesn't have access to issue permits right now. The spring semester might be a little more organized. The fall was extremely disorganized.
  3. You are at the right place, you are going behind the nursing annex, I go there and can't remember the name of the building(pretty sad). No you won't have to pick your schedule on Friday. You will get an opporunity to pick your clinicial day after Orientation in August. So my advice is look at the class schedules(like you are registering for class) and keep in mind that you want that clinical day. I know that the Daytime program has clinical days on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It is a first come first serve type of thing but you will have to wait until they give everyone directions on what to do once Orientation is over but I was able to get exactly what I wanted with no trouble when I started.
  4. Oh yeah you all won't be able to register for class until after Orientation. You can view the class schedule if you want too just to get an idea on when your classes will start. Don't buy your books at the bookstore, too dang blasted high!! Go to amazon.com or abebooks or half.com or somewhere else, now if you have financial aid then you probably have to buy your books at the campus. I think that's all the I can remember.
  5. The nursing building is behind the "fake nursing hospital" on the Union Campus. Congrats on the ones that was accepted. Enjoy your summer break, no need to try to get material to study up on because you will need this time to get other things in order because once school starts it will start. You all probably won't get a chance to find out much until Orientation which takes place in the fall. My advice stay focus spend as much time with your family and friends, watch endless hours of TV, go to the movies, walk in the park, do something you consider fun. Get plenty of sleep!!!!
  6. illusion5

    Southwest Tennessee Community College

    LOL!! Yes it does teaches patience or teaches you how to bite your nails off from waiting! They only send letters to the applicants that wasn't accepted.
  7. illusion5

    Southwest Tennessee Community College

    Look for a phone call around the very end of March and maybe the begining of April.
  8. illusion5

    Fundamental's Success Book Question

    I loved the book, I swear my teacher used some of those questions from the first edition on one of our exams! You can buy either one because most of the information is the same but I think with the second edition you get a CD. Its worth the money because the rationales helped me understand the information a lot better than my textbook.
  9. Good luck to all the newbies, middle agies(2nd and 3rd semester), and the oldies(4th semester)!!
  10. illusion5

    Southwest Tennessee Community College

    Thats a good score being that you bubbled in some of your answers. To be honest with you I didn't know a thing about the NLN until some classmates of mines told me about it, I didn't study for it. I didn't even know Southwest required an exam(shows you how much research I did). They also told me when the next test was offered so I went along with them, paid for the test and took it. I had no idea what the heck the test covered. I took it, ran out of time on every dang blasted section so I left some answers blank and my score was a 100. I did really well on the Biology portion if my memory serves me correctly. So you are still in the running to be america's next top model(just had to get that out). A good friend of mines told me they accepted someone with an index score of 48 in the fall of 2009 so your chances are good.
  11. "I'm wondering if I finish my BSN if it's even plausible for me to think that I would be able to transition to PharmD, MD, PA, or DDS (programs). I won't lie, I have my eye on PharmD due to time. I also have a general interest in almost every specialty & health related career, so I wouldn't be doing something I don't like. I love science and really love math. I'm ok with fulfilling pre-reqs. I just don't want to have to start all over again..and at the same time..I'm weighing everything out." I know this might be a little old but I just had to say something. I'm not in the PharmD program but at one point I did consider it but I suck something awful in Chemistry but any ways, working in a pharmacy isn't fun either. The public doesn't understand that the pharmacy is the middle man, if the prescriber incorrectly writes the prescription we can't dispense it then we get cussed out from the prescriber office wanting to know why we are calling about a prescription or the patient plan won't allow them to a have certain amount or their plan sucks and they can't have the medication period. Everyone thinks its the pharmacy fault!!! Retail pharmacy is the hardest because once these patients are discharge they come to us cussing at us, spitting at us, throwing change at us, following us to our cars because we have closed for the day and the patient wants to reopen so they can buy their medication, or the patients that refuses to leave the counter or drive-thru because we asked them wait while we help the next patient or robbed, the drug addicts want those controlled substances and I'm talking about the workers LOL!!! Some pharmacists are so rude and nasty to each other and are very rude to the pharmacy technicians that work for them. I've seen pharmacists bicker at an in-patient pharmacy in a hospital because someone took their favorite computer so they can input orders. I love nurses(yall care so much) but I can count on all fingers and toes the times nurses have cussed me out or hung the phone up in my face and cussed me out oh did I say that twice LOL!! because the patient lied to them saying we refuse to dispense medication which isn't true the patient didn't want to pay the copayment or the prescriber wrote the prescription incorrectly(we just can't dispense something we can't read)! Pharmacy is ugly due to big corporations taking over, they are concerned with how fast you can get a prescription filled. Please look elsewhere like Diagnostic Sonography or Medical Technologist(Clinical Laboratory Scientist)but if you think nursing is working your nerves working in a pharmacy will too. We don't get any thank you's! Even though some nurses are rude and they back-bite but any given day I approach some of them and say I'm sick I know those nursing skills will cut on and that nasty, rude, back-biting nurse will try to nurse me back to health. We cannot do that in the pharmacy even if we wanted to cause we are the middle-man.
  12. WOW!!! Well hopefully it will help because I heard Adult Health I is hard. I'm trying to prepare myself but I can't stop relaxing!! I forgot what it feels like to be relaxed:p
  13. First semester!!! I have Adulth Health the first part of next semester, now I wonder should I have signed up for OB instead. I want something fun!!!
  14. YAY!! It does feel good to sit and relax. I don't even know what to do with myself because my nerves has been so frazzled these last few months with studying, working, studying, no life, studying, working, studying, exam, studying, exam, studying, wondering wth I got myself into, then studying some more! After the last exam I went home and started studying LOL!! then it dawned on me that class is over, I passed!!
  15. illusion5

    Southwest Tennessee Community College

    Shoot, I would apply if I were you. Your scores are good but it depends on the other applicants scores as well. Take the NLN and then go from there because you could blow that exam out the water which could boost your overall score. Good Luck.

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