BSN isn't really needed in TN?

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    Hi everyone- I've been a New Yorker all of my life, but my family just bought a house in Eastern TN. I was an LPN in acute care from 93 to 08- RN, and just finished my BSN last year. The way everything here in NY is heading, BSNs are required for any teaching or management positions. So I spent all last week interviewing in hospitals in TN- NONE of the hospitals even asked me if I had my Bachelors- when I told them I did, they weren't impressed- none of the hospitals give any type of added salary increase for having it- They were mostly impressed/concerned about my experience in computer charting. WTH???? I'm so upset! Why did I bother to put myself through all of that, plus 22+ thousand in bills for nothing? Did anybody else find this to be the case? Another issue- Most of the hospitals aren't giving any consideration to my years as an LPN- The money in TN SUCKS!

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    Agreed, the money in TN does suck. I don't know if relocating is an option, but Memphis has an incredible medical district. There's St. Jude, Le Bonheur, Methodist University Transplant Center... and from what I've heard, they're so much more likely to hire nurses with a BSN (it's required for a lot of jobs), AND pay them more.
    Just a thought.
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    Yes, welcome to Tennessee. Of course, we have no income tax for most residents, and a lower cost of living than I'm sure you're probably used to. So that makes up for a sucky salary to some extent.
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    St. Francis Hospital in Memphis will not hire new graduate Registered Nurses without BSN, Methodist University will not hire new Registered nurses without BSN, Methodist North, South, and Germantown locations will. The Regional medical Center@ Memphis "The Med" and Baptist will hire registered nurses without a BSN. I had an interview yesterday at Methodist University and I graduated with an Associates in Nursing I was considered for this position because I had experience as a LPN, but I was told that the hospital will only hire experienced RN's or new graduate RN's BSN with no prior nursing experience no new graduate Associate degree nurses. And the pay is going to vary from state to state because of the cost of living. Welcome to Tennessee
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    I don't know about East TN, but that's not how it is in Nashville. I'm shocked to hear your experience...unless they weren't impressed because it's absolutely expected that you'd have a BSN. Very few hospitals around here even hire LPNs anymore, and there's definitely a pay difference between RNs and LPNs in hospitals that do hire them.

    And for a management or teaching position in Nashville, you have to have an MSN.

    I'm surprised to hear the standards aren't the same in East TN. Maybe just at the small hospitals? Maybe places like UT Medical Center have more stringent requirements?
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    I don't agree that it's absolutely expected to have a BSN in Nashville. I have no BSN and work with many people who also do not have one, and rarely see any job announcement around here that requires a BSN for a floor nurse.
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    Here's a link to some interesting info about BSN vs. other RNs (the last section is most interesting IMO):

    American Association of Colleges of Nursing | The Impact of Education on Nursing Practice

    I don't know if all of Nashville has made the shift to BSNs yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it does soon. I know at Vanderbilt the vast majority of RNs have BSNs, and you don't see LPNs anywhere except for clinics.
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    I know at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville only hires BSN prepared RNs.
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    Also a magnet hospital.
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    The cost of living is much lower in east TN. That is why the pay is lower. I'm in the Nashville area and a BSN is defiantly a plus here.

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