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And what did you think? I took it last week and feel like I was prepared for the Math and Reading portions by using the study guide but I really struggled with the Science portion. For me it was a... Read More

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    Where can I buy the ATI study guide? And what is the name of the study guide? There are a lot of different ones out there. Thanks. Good luck to everyone!!

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    Hello, I took the TEASV in Aug 2011.
    I did very well (top 1%) and this was due to studying for about 2 months, and taking the example tests offered online at ATI.

    This kind of test is knowledge based, not only in what you have learned in HS and Uni but also in preparing yourself for the test.

    The ATI manual is not enough to prepare you to make a 90 or above. You will have to do some other studying as well.

    I downloaded a couple of HESI exams using amazon kindle, I searched for several types of questions (esp Math and grammar) online and the best resource out there is this:
    MyLearningExpress.com /Learning Express Library.


    Learning Express is a free resource set up via your local or Uni library. It has several types of tests online --> Nursing Exams, AP BIO, CLEP, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT.
    I used several of these tests to practice from aside from the ones provided by ATI. Thus, on the day I took it I knew what kind of questions could be asked.
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    texas girl..im taking my test in 3 weeks..im worried about chemistry and earth science...help!!!
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    Can anyone pls help me out who has taken the teas v lately? i test this saturday and am far behind, was wondering if u could tell me anything u remember from the test pls? kevano51@yahoo.com thanks!
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    Thank god I am not the only one contemplating whether I should re-take the TEAS V. I took the test yestersday and just got an 81% overall score. The score meets the schools minimum required score, but I am wondering whether I am better off re-taking it and hopefully scoring in the 90%. I would love to get anyones opinion...:spin:
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    Michelle1985...do you mind sharing your experience with the science section..that's what I'm worried about
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    The science portion was a lot of chemistry, know how to balance an equation, know what the mass#, atomic # etc of an element is. Be familiar with basic anatomy and physiology. Def know what a cell is compose of and the fxns of organelles. If you have recently taken you nursing prereq classes and did relatively well, you will be fine with the science portion. The only thing I felt was a bit unfair was that the test included physical science and physics which are not nursing prereq so I never took them :/. Good luck. Hope I helped
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    Michelle1985-- thank you that really helps.. I've heard so many different things about the science portion and it scares me. :/.... Was everything else pretty easy? The math?
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    The math I loved! I only got 1 wrong. Know your order of operations (PEMDAS), mixed #'s, know how to multiply and divide fractions. The ATI Study Manual is on point with what you need to know for the math section. The reason my score was lower than I hoped for was because of the English, grammar, sentence structure stuff. I have not taken a basic english class in over 5 years so I forgot all the rules. Definitely know noun, pronoun, adj, verb etc.
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    Michelle1985--your so awesome thank you.one last question on the teas guide it says that there is extra ungraded questions on the test..is that like an extra credit opportunity? Do you know anything about that?

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