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  1. 18...fresh out of high school. I am definitely the youngest in my class. Everyone else is much older, but I like that because it puts me in a much more mature environment!
  2. aldu

    What classes did you pair with A&P I (Anatomy)?

    Chemistry II, A&P Lab1, English II, Health Calculations, and World Relgions (Elective)
  3. aldu

    Who's taken the teas v?

    I took it today for the first time. I got a 84.7. The science section is tricky!
  4. aldu

    Am i a nerd

    I'm doing the same thing right now! Why not get a head start when you have free time!?
  5. aldu

    Teas test

    I just took the TEAS V today and scored well. I got an 84.7 which is in the 95th percentile nationally. I used the McGraw-Hills TEAS study guide and I really think it helped. You can buy it off of Amazon for like $15. I think the science section is the hardest because it is completely random. I have not taken A&P yet so I tried to study the most for that section. If you HAVE taken A&P, you should do very well. Oh! And chemistry. There was chemistry and physics questions, which I did well on becaues I took chemistry this semester. I only took it because all the A&P classes were full and I know I will eventually need it for my BSN... Anyways, science is definitely the most challenging! Study for it using one of the study guides out there and you should be fine! I wish you the best of luck!!! :)
  6. aldu

    Finished pre-reqs....now the waiting game begins!

    Great job! I took the TEAS V today and scored an 84.7 and am hoping to get into ADN program with that. I have taken some of the pre-reqs, but not all yet because I have the option to get in with just a good score. Good luck on the TEAS! With your grades, you should do well! :)
  7. aldu

    Will I like nursing?

    I know this may sound like a stupid question...How do I know that I will like nursing? How did you know that Nursing was what you wanted to do? What helped you to make the final decision? I just took the TEAS V today and scored a 84.7, so getting into a nursing program isn't the problem. I plan to apply for the summer semester at the technical college I attend for the ADN program. I just want to be sure that nursing is something that I will enjoy, before I decide to take the time in school and go that route. I have always been fascinated by diseases and sick people. I live with my grandparents, who have raised me, that are getting up there in age and their health is deteriorating. My grandpa is a diabetic and recently had his leg amputated (after having some of his toes cut off before). I loved watching the home health nurse come and clean his wound. I even changed the dressing some for him the days she didn't come. My grandma has cirrhosis of the liver, which I find EXTREMELY fascinating, and it's not even from drinking. That's the crazy part. She has an autoimmune disease and it was actually triggered by her taking Amiodarone (a medicene for afib)! I feel like living with them and helping to take care of them is an amazing learning experience. I wouldn't have it any other way! But back to actual nursing...I have heard some people say that if you want to go into nursing for the job security and money, then you shouldn't. This is what sparked my interest, but it isn't the only reason I want to go into nursing; I feel that it is just an extra perk. When I started thinking about it, I thought I would be good at nursing. I am pretty sure that cleaning up vomit(I've done this at work before anyways for $2.13 an hour LOL), changing bed pans, and the other "gross things" nurses have to do wouldn't bother me. Any suggestions on how I can be sure this is the career path I want to take? I am considering working as a CNA part-time. However, if I choose to hold off until the fall for entering the ADN program, I would be able to work more as a CNA (about 30 hours a week) and still keep my current schedule waitressing.

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