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I took the TEAS exam this morning and got an adjusted individual score of 89.4% overall. I got a 97.5 on reading, 97.8 on math, 83.3 on science, and 83.6 on the English. I currently have a GPA of... Read More

  1. by   missmolliee
    I took the TEAS V today and I got a combined score of an 86%. I am very happy with my score. I will find out in June 2016 if I got into the program I am applying to. Based on what I've been told, I pretty much have an in based on my score and GPA (3.9). An 86% puts me in the 97th percentile both nationwide and for my program.

    I would like to mention, if you are planning on taking the TEAS, do not stress over it. I had myself worried a month in advance for this exam and there is no need for that. Yes, it is not easy, but you can do it. I studied a month prior to taking this exam. I purchased the ATI study book and read through the entire thing. I also did one of the practice exams in the back of the book which I think helped a lot. However, I got a 65% on the practice exam. This really scared me! I did a practice exam online and got a low 70. I was really worried about my score on the actual exam. However, I think when it is the real thing, you work harder and are more thorough. So if you are getting bad scores in practice, don't worry yourself sick over it. Your brain will kick in for the real thing

    Best of luck to everyone.

    I will update when I find out if I get into my nursing program.

    This forum really helped me when I was studying for the exam.
  2. by   talks1nmaths
    I just took the TEAS V last night. I graduated from high school in 2001 (yes, I'm an "older" person) and from college in 2005. I haven't stepped foot in a classroom since then, and I haven't studied math or science since 2003 before changing majors. So, needless to say, I was a fish out of water heading into the test.

    Worse, I convinced myself that I didn't need to study. I falsely assumed that because I always did well in math and science courses in high school and college that it would be a breeze. I rented the study guide from the community college but didn't even take it out of the plastic until the morning of the exam. I thought "heck, I'll just brush up a bit".

    I was rather horrified to discover that in all those years, a lot had faded. The test was going to be much, much harder than I'd anticipated.

    I went into the testing room scared into a sweat. At one point I actually thought I was going to throw up.

    But, I scored an 85%.
    The breakdown:
    Reading- 100%
    Math- 87%
    Science- 71%
    English- 87%

    I did fine. Sure, I could've done better-- and certainly better had I studied (and if I'd been in a classroom in the past decade), but with a score in the 95th percentile nationally, I'd say it also could've been a lot worse.
  3. by   tokyogirl216
    Just took the TEAS V yesterday (May 12, 2016) for the first time:

    Adjusted Individ. Total Score 90.7% - Exemplary
    National- 64.3%
    Program- 64.9%
    National and Program Percentile: 99%

    Reading- 90.5 (National 70.5%; Program 71.2%)
    Math- 90.0 (National 69.0%; Program 69.8%)
    Science- 89.6 (National 53.6%; Program 54.3%)
    English- 90.0 (National 63.8%; Program 64.3%)

    I will be submitting my application for Samuel Merritt's ABSN program later this month. They prefer scores above the National average. The middle 50% of their admitted class in 2015 was:
    TEAS Math Range*
    TEAS Reading Range*
    TEAS Individual Adjusted*

    So, I think I am looking pretty comfortable here!
  4. by   Rali12
    Where you a committe student?
  5. by   Rali12
    Quote from Amlile
    Im sorry i meant 67.
    Where you a committee student?
  6. by   bellakat
    I got a 75. I don't remember what each individual score was though. I didn't really do well, what save me was my science score which was a 90 something. I did not study, and it showed lol

    I actually did get accepted to program.
  7. by   Theartofalyssa
    Guys! What about dental hygiene? I got an 81% on my TEAS and I have a 3.8 GPA. I'm so scared I won't get picked but I'm trying to be positive. My school only picks 30 out of 140 that apply.