Urgent question!-Science section for the TEAS

  1. I haven't touched Biology/Anat+Phys, Physics, or Earth Science since high school.
    I'm not worried about the bit on Biology/Anat+Phys because I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology next semester and I'm not worried about Chemistry because I've already taken it.
    However, I'm extremely worried about Physics and Earth Science because I have't touched Physics since 2011 and Earth Science since 2008. I'm thinking about taking Physics at a local community college but should I'm not sure if I should do the same for Earth science.

    My question here is that should I bother taking any courses at a local CC or should I just focus on the TEAS study guide?
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  3. by   hgt219
    I would just focus on the TEAS V study guide. Research anything you don't understand. The science section is broad but the questions aren't all that deep
  4. by   Njoshi94
    I decided to take a Biology. I think it will help me with the TEAS science section, but since I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology in the fall, Biology can help me as a base for the 2 courses. The course is only a month long and then I still have time to study for the Exam in that time. After that, I have the next two months in the summer and then I take the test in January.
  5. by   overthecliff
    You can't wait and take the TEAS until after you take A&P? I'm deep in TEAS studying now and from the study guides/practice exams I don't know how much help a general bio class will be, but it seems heavy in Chem.
  6. by   rainbowvahmet
    Click on my name and look at the first thread I posted. I have a detailed account of the science section.
  7. by   Cheripk
    While I had taken a few bios before the TEAS I found their study guide very helpful also, and it gives you a good idea of what to expect on the test.
  8. by   karenthula
    There is maybe two chemistry questions in the whole test. You will need to know DNA, mitosis and meiosis. Know the stages of them. Know about potential and kinetic energy. Know about condensation, evaporation and vaporization. The different stages, water, gas, liquid. Know how many layers of skin there are. These are all on the test.
  9. by   righteousjenn
    just wondering, because when i took chemistry, our teacher gave us an equations chart so we didn't have to learn those. should i learn them or does the tea come with an equations chart as well?
  10. by   britchick13
    you get nothing for the teas, just a pencil and paper
  11. by   overthecliff
    rainbowvahmet - your post was incredibly helpful for me. I used your advice along with the ATI manual to study. I thanked you in the comments of the post, but thank you again!
  12. by   overthecliff
    No, you won't need to know specific equations, though in the math section you need to know PEDMAS and FOIL. I felt the science section was a bit heavy in chem. A lot of stuff about the periodic table, valence electrons, etc. States of matter, potential and kinetic energy. Know how to balance a chemical equation. There was some stuff on acids and bases. There is some life science also, review punnett squares, photosynthesis, DNA translation and transcription. The thing is, you don't need to much depth, but the subject matter covered is very broad. You should definitely check out rainbowvahmet's post, it is incredibly detailed and helpful. And buy the ATI manual. Good luck!
  13. by   Moneca
    Quote from rainbowvahmet
    Click on my name and look at the first thread I posted. I have a detailed account of the science section.
    Can you explain me the serial dilution? Please