TEAS V Science

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    I just took the test today and the science was very difficult for me. I spent lots of time studying everything in the ATI study guide and that certainly wasn't enough for me to do above average. I recommended to anyone taking it to go online and study the topics in the manual in much greater detail, as most of the questions required critical thinking. For students who are fresh out of micro and chemistry it will likely be much easier. For the rest of us, the manual is much too vague for the questions asked, IMHO.

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    was there a Periodic Table to reference?
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    You can ask the computer lab supervisor for one.
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    Omg I just took this test today, and the science portion was insane. I had the ATI TEAS study guide book... I knew the material inside and out, and most of the questions were not even covered in the book. I'm really frustrated and I hope I get a passing score!!
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    What do you think about the English portion? Is it more difficult or easier than online practice exams in your opinion?
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    English is one of my strongest areas and I thought it was a little tricky at times. Make sure you study proper punctuation, especially semi-colons and commas. Also study things such as for whom vs to whom, that vs which and possessives. Also you will need to know the meaning of a word based on context clues within the sentence. I didn't spend a whole lot of time going over the English in the study guide. My recommendation would be to study it thoroughly and then go online for further clarification/examples of anything you are having trouble on.
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    My thoughts exactly! There were so many questions that were never even hinted at in the study guide. I wouldn't even know how to tell someone to study for it. One of my questions pertained to biochemistry!
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    I studied the ATI manual and understood the science material. I checked out the McGraw Hill practice text book from the library and took the first two tests and only scored in the 70s on the science section. I went on the Amazon website and read the reviews for the McGraw book and many people commented on how the science section in the McGraw book were more like the TEAS V exam. The only problem with the McGraw book is that it only has tests with no detailed explanations if you don't understand a topic. khanacademy.org has a lot of great biology and chemistry videos.
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    what was on the science section? Are mcgraw books questions just like the actual test?
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    For science (which I found to be the hardest) make sure to be familiar with codon sequencing, the way blood flows through the heart, meiosis/mitosis, Punnett squares, calculating different weather temps (they give you the formula), why the periodic table is laid out the way it is, basic and most popular Physics laws, etc.
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