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    Hello everyone,
    The TEAS sticky is great for general TEAS questions, but I wanted to start a more specific TEAS thread for TEAS V.

    For anyone who has taken both 4.0 and V, was there a big difference? If so what are the differences?

    Is it okay to use the 4.0 study guide for V?

    Did you take the online practice exams for both? Is it worth it to take the V practice exam if you have already taken 4.0 at least once.

    If you took the V practice exams, how was it? Would you recommend it?

    Please list anything else that is helpful.

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    I just took the version V test on Friday, it was my first time taking a TEAS and I passed. There are different scores and percentages for your grade but my school went by Percentile Rank; they want a 40% or higher and I got a 90 (total shock). I thought it was very difficult and was surpised I did pass. I was actually thinking my dreams of a nurse were shot during the exam b/c of the difficulty I was having.
    There are 2 practice exams in the back of the manual.
    I didn't buy the online tests, I really didn't have the time with 4 kids and add in the procrastinating I did with studying. If you understand most of the stuff in the manual you should do fine. I will say that the questions are more involved than the manual. Some stuff on the test I had never even heard of and had to make educated guesses.

    I bought the manual on campus for about $60 and just saw it on Barnes and Noble for $28. I would recommend buying the online exams after you study the manual and the tests in there. If I had to take it again I would. Also, I saw people recommend a Prenursing study guide by Kaplan; sounds interesting.
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    Also, I would recommend you don't use the version IV and get the current version V.
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    I bought the V practice assesments. I hope it helps me get a better understaning of how this version is going to be. I would love to hear from anyone who has taken both.
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    Quote from LuckyMe4
    I bought the V practice assesments. I hope it helps me get a better understaning of how this version is going to be. I would love to hear from anyone who has taken both.
    Did u take the teas test yet?
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    I have taken Version 4 and Version 5. I made a 87% on Version 4 (95% percentile rank) and a 84% on version 5 (98th percentile rank). Based on the statistics included with the test results it seems like people are doing about 10% lower on the newer version of the test. I felt like the math was easier in version 5 than in version 4 just because I believe we had more time available to complete the questions. I felt that science in version 5 had more questions overall and definitely was heavier on the basic human anatomy and physiology (I guess I should say cellular biology).

    I used the old study guide to study for my test, but I feel I would have done even better if I had purchased the updated study guide.
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    I don't mean to repeat your question but I'm also taking the TEAS V in about 2 weeks! I bought the TEAS V study manual by ATI at B&N and I bought the online practice assessment A and B online through ATI's website.

    I am also taking the HESI, but with that aside, I've been doing all the practice tests I can. The ATI manual only has 2 tests, so I bought a 3rd item and that's the McGraw Hill Nursing Entrance Exams book-- it comes with 8 practice tests!
    I'm pretty confident with the math section... but the english/ language usage section is a little iffy... I thought I knew the language very well... boy was I wrong haha. I find the subject/ verb agreement questions sometimes tricky... and the simple sentence... but after googling for hours and making sure I know the definition of a simple/ complex sentence... I think I finally got it!

    The science section in the manual does seem very scattered. I'm a little worried for when it comes to the actual test day... idk what to expect. I have the A&P subject down... basic chemistry... but not the general biology questions... those are tricky! I know what DNA is and its structure but boy do those questions get pretty detailed!

    Any information would help from anyone who has taken the TEAS V test. Thank you!

    P.S. Good luck on your exam, LuckyMe4!
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    I'll be taking the TEAS V in about a month. I just bought the study guide the other day but haven't done more then flip through. I am obsessively reading posts here when I should be studying.

    I have taken an older version buts its been about 2 1/2 years. I didn't study that time and only got an 80%, I'm hoping to improve on that but I see everyone saying the new version is harder.
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    It's funny I'm constantly reading post here when I should be studying but I'm learning so much from what everyone is posting. I'm going to buy the Kaplan's prenursing book this weekend, I already have the TEAS V. But at this moment I should be finishing up my essay but I can't stop reading the post. So I write a little then read a post or two then write some more....lol Well back to writing!!!
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    Took the TEAS on friday...not as bad as I thought it would be but I didnt study either. Got 82% and 92 percentile rating nationwide. There were some tough questions...I struggled on the English and reading stuff. I have been trying to get into PA school for the last few years so I have been loading up on all my science courses. There were a couple questions that could have come straight out of my Pathophysiology course I just finished on thursday!

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