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  1. finalscore3b1g

    Clinical Failure

    Do u take any responsibilty in this? Are you ever held accountable outside of school? Doesn't sound like it...
  2. finalscore3b1g

    L&D is def. what i have to do...

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I graduate in Dec 12' (1 more semester in Sept), did you do any intern/externships? Do share interview tips:bow:
  3. finalscore3b1g

    17 yr old hep b vaccine and titers....still around?

    I had the series done at 12 or 13 yrs. When I had to have my titers done it showed I had not sero-converted. I had to do the series again and it worked this time. However, if I did not convert I would have had to do the series 1 more time and if still did not convert I believe I would have had to sign off on something. It does not prevent you from starting nursing school whatsoever. You just need to start the vaccines and stay on schedule. One of my Prof. had never converted so she is just at an increased risk, obviously.
  4. finalscore3b1g

    My review log for NCLEX-RN exam.

    Does it matter what version the Lacharity book is 2005 vs. 2010? I'd like to save $ if possible. TIA
  5. finalscore3b1g

    Kaplan study guide question...

    I see there are multiple versions, the most current being most expensive. Is it worth it saving the money for a 2008 or 2009 book
  6. finalscore3b1g

    What study guides/materials do you recommend to study for the NCLEX-RN?

    What's the PDA book?
  7. I have one more semester left but I want to start studying now to get a head start. I do have a Saunders book and I've been doing the sections as we cover them in class before the tests. I also use ATI because it is included in our tuition. Any other suggestions for me?
  8. finalscore3b1g

    PICU without wearing a gown?

    I thought that depended on your specific hospital regulations?
  9. finalscore3b1g

    Not sure about Nursing School acceptance?

    My school has basically a zero tolerance absence policy, it is so strict it's almost not fair but it is what is is. It sounds like it is a risk u r going to have to make if u choose to start school. Or enjoy the pregnancy and reapply after the baby...oh the joys of motherhood and the sacrifices we have to make. GL whatever you choose :)
  10. finalscore3b1g

    PTSD nclex question

    My first thought is B. Is PTSD the client's fault? I mainly think of the military (not in every case of course) with this disorder so why is it their 'fault?' I just finished 1st semester so I'm not 100% sure. Then again, just b/c the client is out does not mean they are healing/healed....gotta love critical thinking without reading into it, lol
  11. finalscore3b1g

    Documentation Help

    Thanks. There was a question on our final and we were all torn after discussing it after the test.
  12. finalscore3b1g

    Documentation Help

    What would be the more accurate documentation for skin turgor, normal or elastic? Or, if you use elastic does it have to be decreased elasticity...
  13. Keep doing what you are doing. Don't let comments like this bring you down. All people say stupid things at one point or another. Remember, our nursing Prof./instucters are just there to guide us. They will not be holding our hand throughout school and you may never even see them again once you work as a nurse. I had a situation happen a couple of times my first semester (final is Fri). I would here a fellow student talk about how our Prof. was building her up and not to worry about her F's(very nice girl btw and I really hope she passes the final). It kind of bothered me b/c I felt like where was my pat on the back for pulling A's??? I finally got recognized, eventually, which did feel really good . I think b/c nursing is pretty tough, and it should be, the encoragement is for those who struggle but have some hope, reallyneed that positive reinforcement so they don't drop out prematurely.
  14. finalscore3b1g

    What is a Med/Calc Practicum?

    I just got an email that we will be tested on this the first day of class, we can use a simple calculator. I know most of you are probably lol right now but I'm a newbie:confused:. Can someone explain this to me so I can start studying before classes start?? i would greaty appreciate it. Any websites for me to check out?:redpinkhe
  15. finalscore3b1g

    Just accepted for Spring 2011

    :nurse:EEEk, reality is setting in and the thrill is slowly fading (I recieved an acceptance letter yesterday and have been rushing like crazy to get everthing done and set up including going to Microbiology class last night. My physical is set for Fri morn. and I have to find out when and where to get CPR certified. I need to have certain criteria met ny Mon and the rest by 1/7. It just adds to the normal stress of the holidays... I am scared! I don't know what to expect. I have 4 kids, 2 in school and 2 home and I know this is going to be very challenging. My class is "on site and online" and is supposed to be 1 day a week from 7a-7p. Does anyone have any advice or tips? WHat about study time, I know everyone learns at a different pace but how many hours did u study a week? What did you do for daycare? Anything you want to share I will really appreciate:heartbeat