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Hello everyone, The TEAS sticky is great for general TEAS questions, but I wanted to start a more specific TEAS thread for TEAS V. For anyone who has taken both 4.0 and V, was there a big... Read More

  1. by   Jennco21
    I just took the TEAS V today. I just needed the reading comprehension portion. I scored in the 96%. However, I did want to comment because I did take the exam twice. I had consistently scored between 90-97% on all the practice exams. When I got to the exam the first time - I passed, but did did not do as well as I had been doing on the practice exams. There were multiple factors - the scratch paper was typed on on one side and I am a note taker - so by the time I got to the follow the directions I had to try to do it in my head. That didn't work too well. I also felt off that day and thought the exam was much more complicated than the practices.

    The second test was so different from the first. I felt like it was much easier - more like the book. I also felt more myself and had enough scratch paper. I felt really good about it.

    My point is - it is really the luck of the draw of the questions and how you feel that day.
    For anyone taking the exam in the future - stop studying the day before. Let your brain take a break and do something to unwind like a massage. Then the day of the exam - warm your brain up with a few questions from each type, but do not go overboard and do not check the answers. Just let your brain get into test taking mode. I didn't do any studying between exams and figured I had nothing to lose because I had a passing score and it couldn't get worse. I went for a massage the night before and had no pressure on myself that day.
  2. by   science in flowers
    What about the physics questions? how many were on knetic energy, potential energy, gas laws, etc?!

    I take it this week and am freaking out about science..it's the section my school counts and everyone says it's so random! are there any formulas you would suggest memorizing?

    Thanks SO much!
  3. by   NAM123

    help please

    how detail do i need to go with physics? do they provide us with equations? what equations should i memorize?

    thank you so much!!!
  4. by   teasnightmare
    A lot of the science is not really that hard if you know your chem. The physics relates to real life situations. Math very basic. Reading (make sure you read carefully, they will try to trick you.) English, know all the weird verb rules. The study guide for the v is pretty good. I am taking it again for a better score. Got a 72 overall
  5. by   NAM123
    is there Moles problem on TEAS V?
  6. by   teasnightmare
    As one should not disclose what is on a previous taken teas exam, I can say since the teas v study guide does no go over mole calculations, one would not be responsible for them on a test. Hope this helps, where are u applying to?
  7. by   NAM123
    help pleaseeeeeeeeeee

    someone who is kind enough can please explain something to me that i am not understanding lol.. okay so in teas v ati study guide the first practice test i missed the science question 39... can someone please explain how you get the answer.

    please help very confused!
  8. by   KaliAshlynK

    I am not sure if your manual has the same questions as mine but I am going to assume it does and try to help you out. PH is a measure of H+ concentration in a solution. The scale is showing you basic PH values (1, 2, 3...14) and their corresponding concentration levels. The question is asking you to compare the difference between two different levels or in this case the difference of two units (concentration values). Try to look at the scales concentrations values as a form of scientific notation. (They use this because actual concentrations are small) Write the actual numbers out if you have to so that is easier for you to see. When you do that you can see the difference between 10 to power of -1 and 10 to the power of -3 is actually 100. In this example the two numbers written out would be 0.1 and 0.001. The difference is two decimal places or the addition of two zeros.

    I hope I didn't confuse you and I answered your question. I know how frustrating this can be. If it helps at all I didn't have a question like this on the exam when I took it. You exam may be different but try not to over think it too much. If you try to use your frame of reference I am sure you will come up with some form of a rational answer every time.
  9. by   mariley3
    Have anyone taken the Hesi A2 version and the Teas V. I have taken the Hesi A2 and scored a 70. I am not please with that score. I am going to be taking the Teas V Saturaday. Is the Teas V much harder that the Hesi? I am so nervous becauser I am planning on attending TWU in the fall. I think you have to score at least a 64.
  10. by   NAM123

    thank you soo much
  11. by   KaliAshlynK
    NP NAM!

    I would like to clear up some bad wording for anyone else who may read this posting and try to understand what I meant though, lol.

    From my last post:

    "The scale is showing you basic PH values (1, 2, 3...14)"

    When I used the word basic in this sentence I meant as in simple or regular not basic in terms of PH rating. The scale shows both basic and acidic values. Bad wording for this type of question.
  12. by   RN-4Ever
    If you have a library card you can view books online for free.
  13. by   Rooskenator
    I have only taken V, but was told by ATI that the exams cover the same content, just a different layout. Also, I have gone through both study books & the only difference there was the organization of material. Same stuff, just laid out better in the V study book. The practice tests helped but I think the best thing to do (if you have several shots at the test) is to just take it, see exactly what you did well on & which areas gave you the most trouble, then hammer out those trouble sections. I spent 5 months studying for it & could've gone without studying for everything except physical science. I'd just do a general review, take it & then improve upon your weakest areas. Good luck!