TEAS Tips - Must Read (2nd Ed.)

  1. i have recently taken the teas v. honestly, i am not the smartest person but i didn't have to study hard at all for the teas. all i really did were practice problems - and when i wasn't sure on one part, i would find the answers to it. i received a 80% in math, 95% in science, 99% english, and 95% in reading. here is my experience with the whole test process:

    general tips:
    - answer every question! do not leave any question blank. there is no penalty for wrong answers, so it is in your best interest to make an educated guess!
    - eat a healthy breakfast that morning.
    - sleep early the night before.
    - do not get stressed/anxious/nervous during the test - deep breaths, calm down, and relax!
    - bring a highlighter! (not sure if this is allowed - so please double-check with the proctor)
    - do not get intimidated by other people who finish way earlier than you in a certain section. that person might have just as easily got them all wrong!
    - wear comfortable clothing! you aren't going out to impress anyone.
    - morning exercise!
    - bring your photo id + pen/paper id.
    - bring your whole pencil case.
    - bring snacks to munch on during breaks!
    - practice problems are the way to go.

    particularly for the reading part:

    1) know the different types of writing (expository, narrative, eulogy, informative, etc.)
    2) when you read the passages, really find out the author's intent and what he/she is trying to say.
    3) when reading multiple choice answers, usually the first adjective or verb will give away the answer.
    4) another tip i found (or rather a good habit in general) is to set your homepage to "dictionary.com" - here, you will see the new "word of the day" each time you open up your web browser. i think it will be very helpful to expand your vocabulary knowledge.


    as for the english portion:

    - make sure you really know the word usage such as they're/their/there
    - another point to make is to understand subject-verb agreement
    - there was an emphases on capitalization rules: when to use it, when to not
    - another tip is to go with your gut instinct - especially in this section. if it sounds right to you, then it probably is. the more you second-guess and repeat the words to yourself, the more distorted the word may get/sound.


    as for the math portion:

    - a previously mentioned post talked about how www.math.com has saved his life in the math portion and really helped him to do well. obviously, as you probably know from my math score - i didn't really do that well.
    - obviously you must be comfortable with adding, multiplication, division, long-division, and subtraction by hand.
    - a good technique is to round off numbers that will eliminate other choices when doing computations
    - don't be stuck on one problem for too long - just move on.

    as for the science portion:

    - make sure to know your basic chemistry
    - make sure to know your basic biology
    - know some physiology

    that's about everything i can remember! remember, practice problems really do help!

    best of luck!
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  3. by   patty89
    Thank you very much for these tips. I am about to start studying, will take mine at the end of may/start of june
  4. by   ubski
    wow! thanks for all those tips! I will be starting to study in a few weeks, and ill be keeping your tips in mind. thanks for relieving a lot stress off my shoulders!
  5. by   detetermined
    Thank you so much i take the test june 19th, your post relieved so much stress I just need to pass the first time around.
  6. by   Bobmo88
    Great points! I would also recommend taking both practice tests online and buying the ATI study guide.
  7. by   Aongroup1990
    Wow, These are some great tips. Did you take the test in Indiana, because I was wondering was it the same thing on the teas test. I'm supposed to take it next year as well. I'm scared, but I wanted to know what would be a good book to study from?
  8. by   angie2424
    Wow Wow!! Thanks for documenting all of your study tips and the overview of each test section. I started going through all the topics you mentioned to make sure I have a good understanding of them all. I started studying with the ATI study book on amazon and I also found an awesome TEAS iPhone App that has lots of practice questions. I’m taking the test in the Fall and I'm trying to get an early start.

    Thanks Again.
  9. by   Kandy83
    thank you so much this is very helpful:bowingpur
  10. by   NewRob
    Thank you for this advice- When my AP II class is over next week, I will start preparing for the TEAS.