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    I took the TEAS test today and got a 68 overall. I've been studying for the test for a while now and feel kind of down about my score. The school I'm applying to for nursing has averages around 72. Does anyone have any words of wisdom here?


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    Hello and welcome to the site.

    I moved your thread to the TEAS Exam forum where I think you will get more responses.
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    Is there one or two areas you struggled with or was it the whole thing?
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    I specifically scored lower in the math. Math was a 63. Reading was a 78. Science was a 64. English was around 65 I think. The advisor I met with thinks I should retake if I don't get into the progra, but I'm looking for other sources of input.
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    What did you use to study for the test?
    If you can afford the study guide from ATI and their online practice tests get them. I wish I could afford them since I've heard so many good things about how it can raise your score.
    Do you know what your learning style is? If you are a visual learner it might be best if you use the study guide to find your weaknesses then go online and look at tutorials or youtube videos. Or if you don't know your learning style take a quiz online and then try to taylor your studying techniques.
    Sorry I can't be more help.
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    This is kinda what I don't get. The TEAS makes or breaks your application, and it costs time and money to take the test. Yet so many people are not buying the $44 book (assuming it can't be found used for cheaper)? Having a lower than average score, then not getting in to school, then having a semester or year set back because you have to retake the teas, then buying the manual because it is essential, studying all over again and paying to take the test again. I gave my book away to help out a person who couldn't afford it. Would love to see a TEAS book exchange on this site. Again, the book is only $44. Such a small investment when the TEAS exam is straight from the book. Version V - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) Study Manual my advice would be to retake it. My school will not let anyone in with lower than 74. I got an 86. National average is around 84.
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    Re-take it if you get the chance.
    I wish I had the time to re-take it.
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    Yea I would say retake it as well! If you know the program your applying for is compettitive don't let that score be the downfall of why you did not get accpeted, I would take it over. .
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    I don't think the way to pass the teas is to buy a study guy. It's a waste of money. You have to really pay attention in class. I didn't study and I got an 81. Most of the stuff was everything I learned in my prereq classes.
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    I took the TEAS already and wasn't satisfied with my score. Luckily, my school allows as many retakes as we want and I was able to snag a seat for the last test date for March 31. I bought the ATI package (study guide and online practice tests) prior to the test. While some say you don't need that stuff, it really helped me. I liked the online tests bc they were formatted almost exactly like the TEAS and I swear I saw some of the same ones in the practice test that were in the official test but maybe that's wishful thinking. I also like the fact that at the end of your TEAS results, they show you what your weak points were and where in the ATI study guide you can learn more about that. I went ahead and looked over those "weak" points in the book and did another practice test... my score went up by 10 points. So if money is an issue, then find one you can borrow. If not, I would invest in it. I used their math practice problems to brush up on algebra rules I forgot about (remember order of operations?) and brush up on grammer rules... just stuff I hadn't worked on in a while. So that's my 2 cents and good luck to you!

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