Preparing for Teas V (need some advice)

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    I currently have 5 classes left to finish all my prereqs for a BSN nursing program starting in summer 2013 - Organic chemistry, Microbiology, Statistics, Intro to critical thinking and Developmental psychology. I need to take these classes this fall and spring but I'm a mother of 3 little ones so I don't like to take too many classes together. Plus I have to prepare and take the Teas V and TOEFL test before February 1st.

    I would like some advice on how you think I should pair these classes.

    I am currently enrolled to take Chemistry and microbiology this fall.

    Do you think I will have time to prepare Teas V while taking these classes? or will taking them benefit my knowledge for the test.

    How much organic chemistry and Micro is in the Teas V exam?

    I already paid for the Teas test but have not scheduled a date yet. (Sorry for all the questions at once - just need a little advice pls))
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    Best advice I can offer for TEAS V--Get the Study Manual which ATI publishes (Vers. V), available at bookstores; and carefully work your way thru it. Be sure to cover all 4 sections thoroughly.

    Also, take the 2 practice exams which are in the Study Manual. Take the time to absorb everything you can from the Manual.

    If you don't see any questions from a particular field, it probably won't get much coverage on the actual test--altho some have recently remarked on-line that their tests supposedly had many questions not covered in the Manual at all. This has not been my experience, tho.

    The Manual offers good preparation for the subjects and types of questions on the exam, altho the exam questions may need closer reading and attention than those in the manual.

    Hope this helps.

    (I'm being careful here to follow the TEAS section's guidelines--not discussing actual questions, or any copyrighted material.)
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    Taking Chemistry before will definitely help you a lot! My science section had 95% chemistry and physics and very little A&P. Good luck!
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    hank you Chorkle. I got the ATI book today. I will start making a study plan Monday.
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    Thank you mom2banurse! I took chemistry 1 already . I will be taking the 2nd one which is Organic and Micro. I guess it will help build my knowledge on preparing for the test. Do you remember about what percent of Micro was on there?
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    I recommend Chemistry and statistics with developmental psychology for the fall then take microbiology and intro to critical thinking. Chemistry and statistics are work but they are much easier together than pairing either with microbiology. I think you will have time to study for the TEAS, go to for ready made flash cards and use the ATI study guide as well. I take the TEAs Wednesday and this is what I have been doing. Good luck to you!
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    Thanks Zoe. I'm looking into making some adjustment in my schedule. Do you think there will be a lot of micro in the test? Can you share the quizlet page links you have been using?
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    I haven't taken Micro yet but all I can say is that I am horrible at math and I ended up doing a lot better in math than in science and even when that school required only a 56% in the Science portion. It was VERY hard. I still failed the whole thing though.
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    Thank you all for your help. I decided to go with Chem and statistics because organic chem was my weakest when I took chem 1 and statistics seems like a load of work and I also want to have time to prepare Teas and still manage my family. Thanks for helping me make that decision.

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