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Okay so I took the teas test Saturday morning...gosh it was a long test...by the time we got to the English grammar part i just wanted to get out of there.... im still waiting on my results...... i took version 5 the paper... Read More

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    i live in florida and the teas test just came around i think a year ago last year schools started using the teas as a way to weed out students thats considering nursing school which is a good and a bad thing,i taken it already and preparing to take it again but i'm going to wait until i have at least studied a month .i took it 2/3/12.for some people math and science was their weakness in math i scored a 93.3% science 84%-which at my school we only needed a 53% lol huh,reading:76% and english:80%
    for my school teas requirements:

    can anyone give me some pointers to score maybe 15 pointer higher then what i am scoring or anything that you have noticed about the teas test.
    amwpillai- what did you do,how did you study.
    please help everyone!! email me:missprettyperfect23@gmail.com thanks!

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    I have absolutely no worries about the reading/writing portions. I am an English major. No worries. Science and Math, however, I am worried. Only because I have been out of high school for over 15 years and the only math or science courses I was required to take during my undergraduate work was basic/intro type stuff. So yes, I am nervous because even basic equations are no longer "fresh" in my mind. But apparently, since it's anyone's guess as to what is going to be on the darn test, buying a manual for 60-80 bucks may not even help me at all.

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