I want to hear from those accepted to their Nursing Program

  1. Hey everyone! I know that there is a lot on this site about preparing for the TEAS. I want to hear from the people that have recently been accepted to the nursing program. I took my TEAS today, and unfortunatley didn't leave feeling any better than before I took it! I'm a little bit of a perfectionist, so I just want to hear your stories! I have completed all of my pre-reqs (except Micro, which I'm enrolled for this summer) and I have a 4.0 GPA. My composite score was an 81% today. ( Lower than I had hoped for) What were your TEAS scores and GPA? Please share, as I'm freaking out a little bit!!!
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  3. by   kandamom
    GPA 4.0
    Composite score 81
    I felt I could have done better, but it is pretty far above the "average".
    I don't know if I am accepted into my program yet, but hope to find out soon!
  4. by   country73
    I just got accepted into the nursing program at my college! My teas composite score was 82%... but my program ranking was 93%, which is what the nursing advisor said they look at the most. My GPA is about a 3.6.... so don't freak out. My school is very competitive and I got in with my scores. Since you have the same TEAS and a better GPA I am sure you have great chance of getting in. Good Luck!
  5. by   nurseinthemakin
    Thank you guys for responding! I know I ranked in 90 some % for our program, but they told me that they are more worried about the composite score! This waiting game sucks!
  6. by   nurseinthemakin
    Good luck to you, when will you know?
  7. by   CarolesChoice
    Just yesterday, I was accepted into TWU's nursing program. (Thank the Lord!) To my knowledge there was roughly 900 applicants for a total of 235 spots. Three programs shared the 235 applicants.

    My TEAS V score was 68 (64 was the minimum to qualify) and my GPA was 3.639.

    In disclosing this information, I am hoping to encourage those who work hard, not to give up, even when you feel like you don't have a prayer. Look at me...I just barely qualified on my TEAS V, but still, I qualified and was somehow selected out of the 900 applicants to attend the program.

    Be sure you apply for your Associate in Arts Degree once your basics are done, and have it BEFORE you are scheduled to start nursing school. If you don't prove to be "core complete" (by literally having your Associate in Arts Degree), the nursing school can require you to take additional classes. Believe me, it almost happened to me.

    Keep the faith...and good luck!
  8. by   nurseinthemakin
    Thank you so much for your response! Our school will have around 200-300 applicants with only 48 spots to fill. They use a points system to pick the top 48. 50% is based on TEAS score, and the other 50% includes: GPA, Pre-reqs completed, and getting all of your application/transcript stuff to the nursing department on time. I'm hopeful to get a letter in July! I have been asking around and a lot of the students that have tested this round are averaging scores in the 60-70's. It is just SO hard to wait!
  9. by   LemonAide
    I am so excited to be able to post here! I scored a 74 and have a 4.0 GPA. I was accepted into all three programs I applied to, but I live in a smaller state. I only competed with 150 students for 1 of 26 spots.
    Good luck to anyone trying to get into a program. My best advice is study hard and don't put all your eggs into one basket. Apply to more than one school.
  10. by   nurs2014
    My composite was 79, and I also freaked out! My school only requires a composite of 65 or better, and it is considered a pass/fail point. My GPA is 3.8, I had completed most of my classes before applying to the program, and will have completed all my classes before beginning the nursing program. There were approximately 800 applications for 72 slots, and I received my acceptance letter just before spring break. I hope this info helps good luck!
  11. by   sk8inghunny
    I was accepted to my nursing program. My GPA is 4.0 and my TEAS V score was 84% individual score, but I had a 95th percentile for the over all program.

    There were around 800 applicants with 160 accepted students.
  12. by   nurseinthemakin
    Wow, thank you guys SO much for responding, I'm really starting to feel better!
  13. by   SimoC
    Which college are you applying for? I have scored 89% (99%percentile - not sure how accurate the percentile is) and my college only takes the top 72 applicants based on the TEAS scores. I am so nervous!
  14. by   nurseinthemakin
    I only applied to the college I'm currently attending which is Neosho County Community College in Ottawa, Ks.