Did you score higher than 90 on TEAS V?

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    Hello everyone! :-) I am taking the TEAS V this Aug, and I am wanting to prepare ahead of time. I bought the ATI study manual, but I was wondering if any of you are willing to share any extra resources that might help out. Also, what does the TEAS V science portion consist of? I heard many say that it doesn't cover any Microbiology, and a few A&P questions. Is this so? Also, how "hard" is the math portion? I appreciate some tips and advice from all of you Thank you!

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    I took it three years ago and scored in the 99th percentile nationally. But I am awful at Math, so my English scores were almost perfect. The science is basically what you learn in BIO, the math is general but you can't use a calculator.
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    I took it in March and got a 95.3% over all. I hear so many people say they ran out of time..especially in the math portion. Be sure to brush up on fractions, long division, multiplication, and basic algebra. Get a hold of a workbook and work the problems over and over again. Best of luck to ya!!
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    If I can recall, the science was not so much A & P as basic life science (BIO). The math portion is algebra, no calculators allowed. Good luck!
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    I posted a long nod detailed post about what to expect on the TEAS V. If you click on my name you should be able to look through the topics I have posted. Hope it helps!
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    Thank you everyone!
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    i finished both the TEAS V online practice tests and got 72%on both!! I'm taking my test tomorrow and i'm so nervous! Is it really true that the online assessment is harder than the real test? what are your scores on both of them?
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    The math was super easy, but my science was just about all micro and questions on the cell parts, functions, and hormones. That part was a little rough.
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    tykesmommy: Did you tried to do the online practice tests?
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    93.3% AIS here. I used the ATI Manual and the McGraw-Hill 5 Practice tests. McGraw Hill's materials aren't as close as the real test, especially for the science portion. But it's good for the reading, grammar, and math portions; it is also a good resource to practice your exam-taking skills and timing.

    The science portion is pretty random, but mostly Biology, Chem, and A&P. I don't remember seeing any Micro questions on mine.

    The math portion really is a joke.

    Don't forget to use the internet. I needed more practice on grammar (e.g. complete/compound sentence) so I searched for it and found a bunch of interactive exercises.
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