Average TEAS V Score? Your score?

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    Took the TEAS V.

    I got a 78. I thought oh, no. That's awful. I hadn't studied a lick, so it's better than I'd expected...for not knowing what to expect.

    When I told the admissions office I got a 78, they're jaws nearly hit the floor. Apparently, the average score at my campus is between 50 and 54.

    Have you guys found the same to be true? How'd you do?
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    I just took it on the 6th and got a 76%. Same thing here, the admissions office said I did great and need to go to a competitive school rather then stay on their wait list... It made me feel good, but can you imagine not passing now that you've taken it?! Its easier then I expected and they give you so much time to finish! Im so happy it's behind me now and it deff gave me a confidence boost
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    I also got a 78 and when I first saw it I was worried that I didnt pass. After asking the testing center that was administering the test they said I did very good. I was so worried about the test being timed but I moved forward with the other sections before time was even up. I took the test last Feb and was just accepted into my program that starts in Aug. I believe the average score for my school was 60-64. Congrats on passing the test
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    My Advisor told me that I need to score atleats an 85 on the TEAS to be competitive for admission...
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    Is that for the version IV or verion V? At my school the results for version IV had to be in the 80's but they switched to version V which have to be in the 60's or higher. Every school is different.
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    Is that for the version IV or version V test? At my school 80's was competitive for version IV but they switched to version V and I believe somewhere in the mid 60's to high 60's is competitive for that version. Every school is different though.
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    I got a 64 and Thats good enough for my school!
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    I got an 86 and was recently accepted into the program with the V, but I know the average is around 62 for my school which is highly competitive.
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    I got the same thing and it was good enough for my school too
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    I need a score above 85 on the TEAS V to be competitive for admission

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