Who's going to Anesthesia school?

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    We've had several threads from everyone saying they were accepted to various schools, but if everyone is willing let's do one big thread for everyone that will be starting anesthesia school this summer or fall. If you don't mind please include where you applied, the status from each school ( meaning didn't get an interview, interviewed and not accepted/made alternate/accepted), and the school you chose and why. Thanks, so much!

    I applied to :
    1) Medical College of Georgia- interviewed and made alternate
    2) Samford (in Birmingham)- interviewed and accepted
    3) University of Alabama at Birmingham- interviewed and accepted and will be going there this fall. I chose UAB because I loved the Director and all of their clinicals are in Birmingham, so I won't have to travel all over the state.
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    Applied to VCU--selected to interview, cancelled to make mom happy (she's 75)

    Applied to UNCC--interviewed, accepted, will start in August. Probably be living across the street from all my family...maybe weird, but free babysitting!
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    Applied and accepted to Texas Wesleyan University starting this August. Doing my phase 2 at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, Ca. God's Grace (don't believe in luck) to all of you in school.
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    1) georgetown: interviewed & accepted
    2) umab: interview was offered but i declined.
    congrats for getting in & good luck everyone!! :hatparty:
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    Univsersity of Cincinnati: Applied, interviewed, accepted, will start in Sept.
    Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia: Applied, interview offered but declined after acceptance to UC

    I chose UC because I think it is a great school and it has a smaller program than MTSA. Also, all clinicals are located pretty much in the downtown Cincinnati area whereas at MTSA, you have to go to several locations that are far away (even in other states). Since anesthesia school will be stressful enough, I just didn't want the added stress of spending more time away from my family.
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    -Interviewed at East Carolina and flat out rejected.
    -Interviewed at Raleigh and got third alternate. Offered position after the new year and I start in August.

    Location was a big issue for me and my family, which is why I did not venture anywhere west of Raleigh. I know a fair amount of graduates from Raleigh and I feel like their integrated style will be a good fit for me.
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    I applied to:
    1) St Raphaels School of Nurse Anesthesia: Interviewed, selected and accepted.
    2) New Britain School of Nurse Anesthesia: Interviewed, selected and declined.
    3) Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island: Interviewed, selected and declined.

    I will start the program in May of this year. Location, director and clinical sites all were factors in my decision. Congrats and good luck to all!
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    U of New England - interviewed and accepted
    Gonzaga - interviewed and not accepted
    Midwestern - no interview, not accepted.
    Samuel Merritt - this is complex. I did a phone interview and I BOMBED. Very bad. The medium was hard, I was talking to 8 people, sound quality wasn't great, and I had the flu. In addition, an acquaintance/casual friend was brutally murdered two days before the interview and I was still feeling shaken up. SO - the wonderful people there are giving me a second chance. I'm an alternate and I'm flying out to redeem myself. If I do well I will move into a higher alternate position with a very good chance of acceptance.

    So I'm going SOMEWHERE - one of two wildly divergent possibilities.
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    Only applied to one school, U. Southern California. Interviewed yesterday and will find out the status in ten days. I'll keep you posted....

    Apais, that is great! I was waiting to hear from you about the result of SMC. I am so happy for you. When do you fly out?
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    Has anyone heard about their status post interview on March 12th? I haven't heard anything yet. What did you think of the interview? I thought that everyone was so nice.

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