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VCU CRNA 2013 - page 7

I just wanted to thank everyone who posted on this website from prior years! All of the advice really helped me prepare for my interview at VCU! I start August 2013. If anyone has questions about... Read More

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    I know you need ochem, I have no idea if what you have taken has that. I start med chem in the spring so I am not sure how much is enough lol. I took a bunch before I started so hope it helps. By far tho is phys, that is the monster class and what you should take more of, or get the book and start memorizing, or watch dr najeeb and start memorizing. make your life less hellish.

    And oh, the busy-ness is nothing like undergrad nursing school.
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    cli632, I need your advice on their interview and how best I can prepare. Mine is coming up this mo. Would you mind sending me email, please? It's Thank you.
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    Hi all! Just saying keep trudging!!!