VCU and MSA 2013

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am finally officially applying to VCU and MSA for 2013. Was also going to apply to UT chat and SEHC but decided 2 was all I could reasonably afford to fly out to interview at.

    This has been such a LONG road to get here, it is weird to think that my time has finally come. Just last night was a coworker's last shift, and he is off to VCU.

    Anyone else applying here? Already applied? Thought I would start a thread to see if anyone was out there!

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  3. by   Candyn
    I do not have answer for you, but I can not stop myself from saying :"GOOOD LUUUCCCKKK!!!!"
  4. by   missnurse01
    Thanks so much candyn!
  5. by   missnurse01
    thought I would bump my thread up to see if there are any takers!
  6. by   kdlrn
    I'm applying, too. I just turned in the rest of my application last week. I have some former co-workers and friends at VCU and they love it. Good luck!
  7. by   missnurse01
    Well hi! Nice to finally find someone! I have a coworker who just started there this month. He turned down a spot at rush to go to vcu. I am just taking my ccrn next week then will do my GRE after that. All the rest of my packet is already sent.

    I know last year he interviewed in Aug. Early decisions for exceptional candidates in early Oct then final in Dec.

    Good luck and keep in touch!
  8. by   btoddrn
    I got in my second time applying after being waitlisted my first time. I took the GRE, got my CCRN, took the two classes listed by VCU online, and took a 400 level physiology class at GMU. It is a fabulous program and they are incredibly supportive versus other programs I have heard of. Good luck!!!
  9. by   missnurse01

    glad to hear you enjoyed the program! I am planning on taking the 2 online VCU classes as well (phys and chem). Hoping they help me keep afloat knowledge wise in the program, as well as look good that I am taking them. Also thinking of doing a grad level phys.

    Just passed my CCRN yesterday, GRE in 4 weeks. Then everything done. I think kdlrn is all finished with her app process tho.

    thanks for posting. me
  10. by   1234yc
    Me! I'm applying to the Roanoke campus. I sent in all of my application materials in early August. I take the GRE the 22nd of this this month and I've been studying like crazy! I plan to fax/fwd them my initial results ASAP. Then, I plan on starting the two online classes they offer (chemistry and phys). I've had my CCRN for a while now. Does anyone know any more info yet? I wish I would've taken my GRE test sooner now because I've heard they already accepted someone for the Roanoke campus and they are only taking 6 people.
  11. by   missnurse01
    Hey kellly!haven't heard anything other than a request to turn in my addendum form which I was holding until I took my GRE. They told me I could just call w unofficial results when I was finished.I almost applied for roanoke!I know last year they made early decisions for exceptional candidates in early Oct! My coworker interviewed in Aug last year. I am way behind in completing requirements!
  12. by   kdlrn
    Hey guys! I got a call a couple of days ago and I have my interview set up for late September. I didn't know they were already accepting people- I thought they notified after the application deadline. Good luck to everyone!
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  13. by   missnurse01
    wow kdlrn! so jealous! I hear the interview isn't bad, you interview with 3 separate people if my info is correct from previous students. I fear I will not hear anything till after I take my GRE.

    good luck with your interview and let us know how it went!
  14. by   1234yc
    I took my GRE last Sat and got an unofficial result of 300 (combined verbal and quant). I'm hoping that it is good enough to get an interview. I hope they hurry up and send my official results to the school. Are there any updates from anyone else?
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