1. Hello all!! Just wanted to start this feed for people apply for the August 2018 group to keep people posted on interviews and admissions! Hope everything is going great for everyone!
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  3. by   Golf325
    Hello! I am in the DFW area and will be applying to TWU for the fall as well. Good luck to everyone!
  4. by   walkerrn2015
    YAY! I am taking PALS this week and then my application will be officially complete!! Can't wait to get this process rolling!
  5. by   walkerrn2015
    submitted my application on Friday with all supporting documents and it says "Application complete and received" !!! Will keep you guys posted on anything else!
  6. by   mgon56
    Hello to all!! I've submitted all my documents just waiting to take my GRE. It's a nervous and exciting process!! Good luck to all!
  7. by   Golf325
    Just submitted my application! Does anyone know when they begin to send interview invitations?
  8. by   walkerrn2015
    Not sure! Early deadline is sept 15 and normal is october 15. I would assume around then!
  9. by   keichhof
    Hi everyone!

    I just finished submitting all my required documents and took the dreaded GRE. I never want to take it again, so I am hoping it was good enough. Excited and hopeful to get an interview. Anyone want to share their GRE scores to make me feel a little better or worse?

  10. by   walkerrn2015
    I believe their minimum combined score of V and Q is a 297? And trust me... I was very much so around there! haha I made the cut but that test is awful! I hate those types of tests too!
  11. by   GaMommy81
    I am not applying to TWU, but I will share my scores. I scored a 153 on the verbal section and a 148 on the quantitative. For the analytical portion I scored a 5. Kind of middle of the road scores. I hope this puts you at ease.
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  12. by   keichhof
    Thank you, I thought that was the minimum too. I just made the cut as well and will not be torturing myself again with that lol. Relearning geometry and all the rest of 9th and 10th grade math, it was terrible! I hoping my CCRN matters more than that! My girlfriend whom is in school now in Florida got a 297 and was able to get an interview at all the schools she applied to (6 of them in total).
  13. by   CatMom89
    I applied to Baylor, TCU, UTHSC and TWU
    Already gotten a "no interview" email from Baylor and TCU
    Pretty disappointed didn't think I was that far off, staying positive about TWU and UTHSC
    GPA: 3.8
    BSN in 2011
    SICU for 3 years now
    CCRN, PALS, and ACLS
    Organic Chem and Stats got an A
    GRE: Q-159 V-148 AW-3.0

  14. by   ayres580
    I got my application in and completed July 11. No update to the status yet. I applied to TCU as well and received a letter of no interview from them a while back, hopefully TWU at least gives me an interview. My GRE was a total of 303 with a 4 on the writing portion, BSN GPA was 3.8, CCRN, PALS, ACLS, with one year of combined ICU CCU experience now, and one year PACU prior to transfer to the unit. I just got certified for balloon pumps and impella pumps. Hopefully this is strong enough. Good Luck to everyone else applying.