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I've been accepted into the Nurse Anesthesia Program for 2011, and I'd like to know how time off/vacation works at St. Mary's during the classes and clinicals. Thanks!:up:... Read More

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    I have heard way to much inside information to have a postitive option about this school.

    Ask how many students and CRNA's from USM if they respect scott schauss? Maybe a great speaker but way to much BS about info that is just not needed in the field. (I have seen MSA's work load compared to schauss' crap) To me MSA seems to really understand exactly what you need to know, the why, and thats it....not volumues and volumes of **** for the sake of giving you volumes and volumes of ****) maybe I'm wrong just me.
    What kind of learn environment is it when the common factor that students tell other people is to keep a low profile and keep your mouth shut?

    Is this a school or 1930's Germany? crazy, step back and ask yourself if it is normal to have to mind your own business just to survive in a school. I would think a student should be active, engauged in the process of learning with the awesome direction/guidance of real CRNAs.....not watching your step by a guy that is NOT a crna.....again just me....its your money/time.
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    Yikes! This has me a little worried! Ether Bunny how's it going?
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    I spoke with a recent grad who stated much the same. Not enough support or backup from the school

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