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  1. RED2

    Someone from St. Mary's University of MN?

    I have heard way to much inside information to have a postitive option about this school. Ask how many students and CRNA's from USM if they respect scott schauss? Maybe a great speaker but way to much BS about info that is just not needed in the field. (I have seen MSA's work load compared to schauss' crap) To me MSA seems to really understand exactly what you need to know, the why, and thats it....not volumues and volumes of **** for the sake of giving you volumes and volumes of ****) maybe I'm wrong just me. What kind of learn environment is it when the common factor that students tell other people is to keep a low profile and keep your mouth shut? Is this a school or 1930's Germany? crazy, step back and ask yourself if it is normal to have to mind your own business just to survive in a school. I would think a student should be active, engauged in the process of learning with the awesome direction/guidance of real CRNAs.....not watching your step by a guy that is NOT a crna.....again just me....its your money/time.
  2. RED2

    Will DNPs be chosen over MSNs?

    IMHO the DNP was a school estab created monster...sorry but I missed the newsflash that practicing MSN NP's felt that if they only had 45 more credit hours their practice would be so much better......degree inflation... I know of a couple CRNA's that are just 4year grads BSN (the MSN requirement did not come out until 1998) they are still practicing just fine...The DNP is a solution in search of a problem. I'm just not hearing the marketplace (if after Obombacare we still have a market place) in healthcare cry out for the DNP. Doctors are just ***** because APRN will/are taking over marketshare (not clear if we need the DNP to do it)
  3. RED2

    Do FNP's really make 80k to 90k a year?

    rntofnp2014 what state was that 140k in?
  4. I knew a couple people that say its really bad and unorganized at St Mary University in Minnesota. They said nobody is really happy or proud that they are their and just want to get through it. Sounded pretty crappy for the money.
  5. RED2

    Someone from St. Mary's University of MN?

    I have heard from more than a few students that this program is a disaster...
  6. I started last semster. It was a great experience but now I'm about to start stats class 604. Anybody take it already?
  7. RED2

    Best online fnp programs

    Hi I'm in the ISU FNP program. Just looking for others in the program. thanks