Pass CCRN!! What scores were you getting?

  1. If you've used the PASS CCRN! CD to study for your CCRN prior to applying to CRNA school, what scores were you getting on the practice exam? I'm consistently getting 65 - 75%, and I'm worried.

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  3. by   gluck
    I thought the questions on that CD were virtually identical to the style and level of difficulty on the actual exam. I don't remember if you need 70 or 80% on the exam. Whichever it is, I would shoot for the on the CD before taking the test
  4. by   JadamR15
    Yeah, it's 70% to pass. Thanks man -
  5. by   Summitk2
    I was consistently scoring in the mid-80s with the Pass CCRN CD-ROM just before taking the test. I ended up with 93% on the actual CCRN exam (however, I went slower and more methodically than with practice). I wanted to be in the 80s on practice tests in order to have a buffer in case I didn't perform as well under pressure. Good luck!
  6. by   MrsBoz07
    I just recently took the CCRN, and used the Pass CCRN CD also. In my opinion, the questions on the actual test were less complex/more straightforward than on the CD. I think I scored a good 10% higher on the test than any of the practice tests I took. I think you should be fine if you are consistently passing the practice tests. Good luck!
  7. by   gasmaster
    I made in the upper 80's to low 90's on the practice exam & my score was 108 on the CCRN. When I applied at TCU they asked for my score (it wasn't mandatory but they wanted to see it if you had it) and they were looking for scores over 100. Good luck!
  8. by   gasmaster
    Oh, by the way, I didn't use Pass CCRN. I used a set of audio review types by Laura G. & got the review question book from AACN.
  9. by   iLovemyJackRT
    Can anyone tell me how many practice questions the pass CCRN dvd offers?

    I've been studying a lot and am taking mid Feb. I've been using the AACN book and a springhouse review, but am really looking for more questions. I'd be interested in this book.

    Thanks for any answers?

  10. by   MrsBoz07
    I am not sure the exact number of questions that CD has, but it has A TON. My favorite thing about it was that you can choose "test mode"-where the CD divides the system Qs as they would appear on the actual exam (i.e-majority on CV and resp and less on GI, renal, etc) or "quiz mode"-where you can choose a specific system you want to focus on. All in all it is the CD that really helps (more so than the book). Hope this helps.
  11. by   gtm11mc
    Just review Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio DVD. I reviewed the DVD's in one day and took it the next. I got high scores on pretty much everything except the professional synergy model (whatever that is).
  12. by   gluck
    ha ha, me too, I did lousy on the synergy questions, think i got only 80% of them
  13. by   kprivette1
    How where you able to pass the CCRN with one day of studying?
  14. by   gasmaster
    I listened to the Laura G. V. Cd's during my commute to & from the hospital every day. then did test questions from AACN book.