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Hey guys, Any graduates or applicants to this program? There is virtually no information about this program on the boards...... Read More

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    Me too!! Super excited! Looks like we are going to spend a lot of time together! Lol! When did you interview? Mine was Fri afternoon. :-D

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    Mine was Thursday afternoon. I had two friends that also interviewed and got in!!! Where ya from?
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    I sent you an email through here... not sure how that works. PM or email me and we can chat
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    It's going to be an intense and good three years! See you in May!
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    Wow - we all got in!!! Awesome!! See you in May!!
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    Quote from cdwcobra95
    Did you have some questions for me Sparikh516?
    Hi Sparikh516,

    I have some questions for you that I hope you can answer if you don't mind about the MENP program at Millikin. First, do you graduate with a masters in clinical leadership, or can you graduate with a masters in a speciality area to be an APN? Second, do you think it will benefit me if I work for a year as a CNA before I apply to the program? Any other advice or information would be greatly appreciated!

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    Just an FYI - this thread is about the CRNA program at Millikin.

    Kubu22 - you might get more answers if you post in the student nursing forum. Good luck.
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    The Millikin/DMH CRNA program is very poor quality. I would recommend going to a different school if at all possible.
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    I have an interview coming up at Decatur and was curious about the clinical examination and what it covers. If anyone has gone through the Decatur Memorial and Millikin university interview as much feedback as possible would be appreciated.
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    They just open a CCRN book and pick 20 questions.
    They also don't put a lot of weight on the test. It's mostly about your grades, references, and interview.
    If you are interviewing at any other school and get in...Go to the Other school!
    Students are used to do a lot of their paper work at DMH (instead of hands-on anesthesia) and are left alone in an OR with a CRNA signed on when staffing is short.

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