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Hey guys, Any graduates or applicants to this program? There is virtually no information about this program on the boards...... Read More

  1. by   Watchnout4U
    They just open a CCRN book and pick 20 questions.
    They also don't put a lot of weight on the test. It's mostly about your grades, references, and interview.
    If you are interviewing at any other school and get in...Go to the Other school!
    Students are used to do a lot of their paper work at DMH (instead of hands-on anesthesia) and are left alone in an OR with a CRNA signed on when staffing is short.
  2. by   LiFeisPeAcHy
    I also have an interview at DMH coming up. Any words of wisdom or feedback about past students would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. by   Sue Damones
    PM me...
  4. by   Watchnout4U
    They ask the typical questions such as "why should we let you into the program?" "Tell us why you want to be a CRNA?" "What's a current problem facing CRNAs?" etc.
    But, if you are applying to any other program and get in to the other Not pick the Decatur program. Instead of having their students' backs, they have the attitude "if you can't hack it, get out." My friends who are in other CRNA programs say they feel supported by both their staff in their program and the CRNAs that they work with. The director and assistant director have A LOT of room for improvement in the student support department. The students who know people involved in the program are treated better than the students who don't. And, they use their students to staff their pre-surgery health assessment office to do paper work. There are so many more negatives we could discuss about this program, but I will cut myself off.
  5. by   LiFeisPeAcHy
    Hey Sue,
    I'm fairly new to posting on allnurses so I cannot PM people until I've posted 15 times or something. Weird...But I guess I understand why. I appreciate you reaching out. Is your experience anything like Watchnout4U's?
  6. by   LiFeisPeAcHy
    Hey Watchout4U,
    I take it you attended DMH's program and did not have the best experience? Did most students feel the same? I appreciate your candor.
  7. by   Watchnout4U
    Out of the numerous students I know from this program, None have had a positive experience. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it is not. Each person just wants to get through it and move on.
    There are a few CRNAs and Docs who treat the students nicely, but most of the time you are treated like they think you are an annoying fool (all they way from the OR nursing/surgical tech staff to the CRNAs and Docs). The program staff does not support their students, they just try to cover their own butts. The teaching is a joke and they excuse it by saying you should teach yourself.
  8. by   soni7
    Does anyone here know where I can find more about the MENP program? I have my interview next week. Thanks!
  9. by   gigi1990
    Hey guys,
    I just got acce[ted for the MENP Program, I was wondering if anyone else is applying for the program or if they got in the program?
  10. by   gigi1990
    hey, have you heard anything back from the admission?
  11. by   Hannurse1
    Hi all recent interview applicants. Any news yet if you're in???