Is CRNA School as Difficult as People Said? Is CRNA School as Difficult as People Said? - pg.4 | allnurses

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Is CRNA School as Difficult as People Said? - page 4

Hey everyone (posting this here too because I want current students to answer as well), I consider myself to have above average intelligence and did fairly well in college (a top 20 private... Read More

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    I'll be starting school next fall and i'm soooo excited!!! To be honest, I'm also nervous. Failure is not an option. Period. Chemistry is not my strong suit. Anyone have any advice?
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    I am in my third semester. Don't sweat it. We had one test which had some organic chem review, but it wasn't bad. Just review organic compounds, the different alkyl groups, the difference between amides, amines, carbonic acids, ketones. I found the lecture for the material to be very good at explaining it, it wasn't bad. Where are you going to school? It's a very exciting time, LOTS of work but doable and a very cool profession. I feel that the hardest part of school isn't the studying, it's the personalities of the preceptors.

    Overall, just take CRNA school one bit at at time. Don't worry about boards or clinicals or finals, just take it one day, one lecture, one page at a time. Don't compare yourself to others, don't worry about what others think of you, and you will do great.
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    Thank you for the encouragement. I truly appreciate it!
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    I'm 25 years old and in my first year of a front loaded program. It's going just fine. It's do-able. I see my family, boyfriend, and friends on the weekend. Then, I am in class all day and study during the weekdays. I hit the gym too. It all works out.

    I haven't started clinical yet, but I hear it'll consume my entire life. I'm enjoying didactics though.

    You put the time and effort in, you get the results.

    We have a small class of 8 people, and we all help each other make study guides.

    For now, I'll just cherish my sleep while I can before clinicals start after next semester.

    Btw, I'm unemployed to focus on school and took out loans for living expenses. 5 of us quit our jobs for school. 3 of us are trying to work per diem.