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    I've recently been offered a position in the SICU at Georgetown University Hospital. I am currently a senior BSN student, so at first I was thrilled to have the chance to start in a SICU. It has been my goal to become a CRNA for a long time.

    However, after the dust settled, I realized that GUH is not a Level 1 Trauma Center. From what I've read on here and heard from others, the more critical that one's critical care experience is the better. So, being the overanalyzing overachiever that I am I began to worry.

    Georgetown does, though, deal with everything that major hospitals do. They focus on transplants, and still experience hemodynamic instability, vasoactive drugs, PA catheters,'s not like the patients there are not sick. I also spoke to the Georgetown CRNA school and the admissions contact told me that they take GUH RNs each and every year.

    So, does anyone have any input? Am I just being foolish? Or should I say no and explore other opportunities(I have a 3.9 and work as a tech in the CICU at a Level 1) Of course, in the future, I will definitely become a CCRN and get involved in as many leadership opportunities as possibly.

    I just really want to do this and do not want to make a wrong move.

    Thanks for the help.

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    ***Side note - they are requiring me to make a decision by two fridays from now. Also, the committment they require is two years after orientation. This is a "new grad residency" program so the orientation is 6 months w/classes, etc....
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    Seriously? That's what your worried about? No Trauma?. TAKE THE JOB!!!! It's in SICU and a busy reputable one at that. Also try and focus on becoming a solid ICU nurse, not just getting the minimal time requirement for CRNA school (that may take more than 1 year fyi).
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    The experience you'll get at Georgetown is fine- take the position and the learning opportunity it will give you.
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    I agree with's a great opportunity at a hopsital with a good reputation. i wouldn't pass it up
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    I agree, drips and lines are what you are seeking!!!!
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    I agree as well take the job and concentrate on getting a solid background in hemodynamics. Understand the whys meds and treatment are done. good luck
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    Current state of the economy, new graduate nurses not finding work, and hospitals not being able to afford to offerd new graduate programs, I would have taken that job like yesterday! Plus its Georgetown, it always sounds good on paper. If you don't like it you can always resign later.

    And when you start remember that the fact that you work in an ICU does not mean you are a critical care nurse. So, when you apply to graduate school, be honest with yourself and ask the question: are my ready? Good luck
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    I worked at GUH. Trust me, the acuity is plenty high enough to give you the experience you will need. Awesome place to work, take advantage.
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    I'm currently in the same situation. Did you take the job? If so, how do you like it?!

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