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Got an Interview @ Drexel!

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    Just got an invitation for Drexel CRNA interview---Yay! Can anyone give some tips on what to expect for this interview?

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    I don't have any direct advice but you can try the search function here and on the web in general for that school for crna interview tips/techniques. Just wanted to say good luck!
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    any luck? Im waiting for them to give me the phase 2 review. Just awaiting my BSN transcripts to come in.
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    Good luck guys!
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    Quote from Dbb82
    any luck? Im waiting for them to give me the phase 2 review. Just awaiting my BSN transcripts to come in.
    Yes!!! I got my coreq classes April 1 and will b a full time SRNA in jan!
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    Any pointers on the interview? What do they ask etc. any advice will help! And congrats!!
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    They are super laid back..... Well was a little intimidating once its you and two people asking you questions. The asked us the typical why CRNA..... But mostly clinical scenarios. Good luck!
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    Hard scenarios? My icu experience isnt all that great because we barely get any real acute pts anymore for some reason. And thats the reason that im scared of the interview lol.
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    Congrats Shooglebear!!!

    Are you starting in Jan 2014 or 2015? I'm in the Jan 2014 class and I know they are already interviewing for the Jan 2015 class already.I'm on my last co-requisite course, advanced physiology. Good luck to you. The adv pharm class is very good with Dr. Zarro. If you have any questions, let me know.
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    Hi guys! I have an interview for the Jan 2015 class in July. I was wondering if you had any pointers? I have 3 years of pediatric cardiac ICU experience.
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    Congrats!! I attend Drexel's PMHNP program and really enjoy it. It's a great school....I was an ICU RN, but my passion was mental health. I really don't have anything bad to say about the school and have some friends attending the CRNA program who love. it. Wishing you positive vibes