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  1. I am an ICU nurse of 13 years who is interested in becoming a CRNA. I was suppose to pursue this 11 years ago but got sidetracked by life, i.e., making good money ($90,000-$100,000/year), marriage, and a baby (who is now 21 months old). I decided to revisit my dream and recently had an interview. The panel informed me that I need to repeat ALL science classes, since they are greater than 5 years old. I am currently 42 years old. I am worried that by the time I repeat General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II, Physics I & II, Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Biochemistry, and possibly some math class (if required, not sure), I WILL BE 46 YEARS OLD!! OR OLDER!!

    I am very concerned that I will be too old to go to CRNA school and was wondering if there is anyone in your class 46 years old or greater.
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  3. by   TJFRN
    Which one's are they specifically asking you to repeat. I feel that is alittle out there to repeat all. I'm not a student or CRNA however I have been to an interview before and they never once asked me to repeat any science classes. I didn't take the position because the economy tanked and I was afraid my husband would loose his job. Now, 2 years later I've decided to continue with my dream not matter what and I'm too 42. I decided to shot for a different school than the one I interviewed at and they are more heavy on the chemistry so what I have done to make my application more appealing is that I've taken a chem 1 and lab plus their chem/organic/biochem in one online class. I passed that class with an B with little effort. I'm also planning to take organic chem at UNE (University of New England - COM - Online Education - Online Organic Chemistry I) which offers the class and lab totally online. You can register whenever you like but you have to complete in so many weeks after receiving their info. It's pricey but may be worth it to keep current with chem. I'm not sure about A&P. I took a master's level advance pathophy class. I think university of alabama offer some totally online chem and A&P (maybe) classes also. Good luck to you and remember you will be 46 no matter if you are in school or not it's all up to what's in your heart! I may be 46 before I get there who knows!
  4. by   Class2011
    How old will you be if you don't take all those prereq's ?
  5. by   shondi
    They have asked me to repeat General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II, A & P I & II, possibly biochemistry and microbiology, all of which I took in the early 90's. I actually have no problem re-taking these classes since my grades in the sciences were mediocre all those years ago. I feel that it will make my application more competitive. My concern is my age when I finish and apply. Nursing is my 2nd degree. My 1st degree was in Psychology, with a 3.0GPA. My nursing school GPA was 3.81, BSN.
    When I finish all science classes, I may be 45-46 years old and was wondering if any SRNA students have people this age in their class.

    Thanks for the reply. I really do appreciate it.
  6. by   TraumaSICU
    49 yrs old and just started classes.
  7. by   shondi
    This is, by far, the best news I've heard all day. Or rather all year. Or rather all my life!!! So there IS hope for me!!!!! Thank you TraumaSICU!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   Pete495
    Well, I would pick a different school if at all possible. I doubt if you can argue their requirements. That sounds a little like overkill if you ask me. One has to wonder why they even offerred you an interview if you hadn't fulfilled all of their requirements on paper. Maybe apply elsewhere, or look around at different schools to see what their requirements are for students who have been out of school for a long time but have fulfilled the requirements listed. There is no doubt a better grade can make you more competitive as well as provide evidence to your motivation, but another school might differ with this view of preparation for crna education.
  9. by   TJFRN
    Shondi, see TraumaSICU reply. I have heard of people in there 50's going to CRNA school. Just think of it as a maturity thing. We are not too old we are more mature (one can only hope) ... I think you will be fine and it looks like you are ready and with 13+ yrs ICU experience your application will be competitive! Just think of it as time to stock up on extra cash for the 2 yrs of no work. Good Luck!
  10. by   ucan2ccrn
    I have to agree, it sounds like over kill. I would start taking some of those classes again, since they are outdated, but in the meantime, apply to other schools. I bet you will get into a program long before you finish up all those pre-reqs for that one school. Age is not a factor, you are intering into a career with CRNAs of all ages and from different walks of life. Everyone has something to offer rather you are 24 or 70. I commend you for making this your goal, no matter your age. Well that my , time for me to go interview for a CVICU job.
  11. by   srnamom
    I don't know of any program that will accept science credits over 10 yrs old. You COULD take these classes in 4 or 5 semesters, if you took Gen Chem, Physics and A & P at the same time (2 semesters) then followed up with the other classes. For that matter, you could probably even take the Micro concurrently. Would it be a lot to take on while continuing to work? Yes, but no worse than an anesthesia program will be.
  12. by   snookie2010
    I will be 50 when I graduate. You can do it,but the hours are long and hard. IF YOU WANT IT...DO IT. WERE GOING TO GET OLDER ANYWAY.LOL. MIGHT AS WELL BE DOUNG SOMETHING WE LIKE!. GOODLUCK.
  13. by   shondi
    That is SSSSOOOOOO true!! Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. You have truly inspired me. Thanks a MILLION!!!
  14. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    I am also starting my journey to CRNA. It was encouraging to see the replies to your post as I was wondering the same thing. On my current plan I will be 42 when I finish. I like the comment about being a certain age anyway so why not make the most out of life by doing something you want to do. Go for it and don't look back!!