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The school I am looking at requires a GRE of 300 (new version) I have 284 - GPA of 3.57 2 1/2 years in ICU, taking CCRN in two weeks - should I apply anyways/?? anyone got in with a low GRE score?? please help!!!... Read More

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    Quote from nurse_crna2b
    Thank you everyone for you input! The deadline for this school is April 1 - so I have a very small window to prepare and retake the GRE - I have other schools in mind as well, and yes I could retake the Gre later again. I know I can do better on the GRE if I prepare better - praying for the best now!
    What school is it? I'm applying to a few with May 1st deadline and I haven't even taken my GRE yet

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    Did you end up retaking it and/or applying? Have you looked into schools that do not require the GRE?
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    bloomRN: I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing some of your stats - GPA, ICU experience, Certifications (CCRN, TNCC, PALS, etc.)....?? Also, which schools you applied to...??

    Thanks! :spin:
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    Quote from nurseatheart81
    bloomRN: I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing some of your stats - GPA, ICU experience, Certifications (CCRN, TNCC, PALS, etc.)....?? Also, which schools you applied to...??

    Thanks! :spin:
    My GPA cumulative was a 3.48 and my BSN GPA was a 4.0 At the time I was accepted I had 2 years of ICU experience in a non-specialized ICU where we took medical, surgical, trauma, and anything in-between. My certifications included BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC, ONS (Chemo). The schools I applied to include the following: Midwestern (AZ), Excela Health (PA), University of Pennsylvania (PA), and Thomas Jefferson University (PA), and Bloomsburg University (PA). I interviewed at 3 of the 5, declined to interview at 1, and was accepted to 2. There are enough programs out there that don't want the GRE or are willing to waive that requirement for a certain GPA. While still in the application process I spoke over the phone with the director of Bloomsburg's program and he basically said they don't care about the GRE because at it tells them is whether you can take a test well or not. I like that philosophy...anyone can study hard and do well on an exam, but that doesn't mean they have what it takes to excel in a critical clinical situation.

    Hope this is helpful, and good luck with everything. If you have other questions or I can offer any encouraging words or advice just ask. I know I received a lot of help and encouragement from those who did it before me!
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    I honestly do not know what is up with this test. GRE driving me crazy!!! I took GRE second time and got 150 on verbal and 147 on the math. My first score was verb. 148 and math. 148. I am really disappointed, because I studied for almost 4 month. Here is the deal, I love math and I am pretty good at it, but when I am getting timed everything changes. Instead of solving problems I look at the clock every 5 seconds. It is really frustrating when you know that you can do better but do not because of the anxiety issues. I really would like to apply and do not feel like spending any more time on this. I think being an ESL person also does not help! I hope that admission committee considers more than just GRE score!!!
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    Anyone here accepted, what was your GRE score?
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    prob be easier if you started a new thread, but here is my info: 149 verbal, 152 math, 4.5 writing but they don't care about that
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    math 149. verbal 151. essay 4. old scoring equivalent 1080. just finished 2nd semester good luck
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    I have a Verbal of 156 and a Quantitative of 159, 4.0 on the writing. I have a cumulative gpa of 3.3 with 207 hours of school taken. I have a 4.0 BSN gpa and a 3.85 on my last 60hrs. I have TNCC, CCRN, ACLS, PALS, NRP, BLS, Disaster responder certification from anniston for nurse and healthcare responders. I am a member of the Unit Council at my hospital and will also be obtaining CEN and my CMC. I also teach classes on vaso-active drips and precept students and orient new and old nurses to the ICU. I am one of the charge nurses as well and take on those responsibilities. I work in the Severe Sepsis MICU and have 3 years of ICU experience and 56hrs of CRNA shadow experience. I am an active member of both the AACN and ENA. I have decided that now is the time to apply and attempt to become a CRNA and will be applying to many places in both Alabama and Tennesse. I am waiting atm to hear from my application I sent into samford. I realise that the point of this thread it to try to figure out if certain minimal scores can and will be accepted. My point in posting this is not to brag, in fact I may very well not get in. My point in this is that there are people like me out there that are willing to go above and beyond what is required to get in to CRNA school. CRNA schools, no matter which one you apply to, want to see that you apply yourself to your job and your profession. They want to know that you are willing to go that extra mile and will be a good reflection on their program. They want to know that you are motivated to become a CRNA and what those motivations are. I will not say that you will not get in with the Minimal scores, but do realise that until you get an interview, you are only a piece of paper on a desk. The only way to compare people at that point is numbers and words. My whole point in this is that if you are really motivated to become a CRNA, get involved. Use your days off to shadow, GO up to the school you are applying to and physically talk to them, let them see your face. Ask questions of the staff and the students, see if you really want to go there, and continue to make your CV look as good as possible. If GRE is your only weakness then know they look at more than that, however, getting the minimal score is something that must happen if it is stated on their website. I have talked with UAB here and was told that if the Minimal Scores are not met in certain areas that application is immediatly denied. This came from their director so I have every reason to believe it. I have also talked with Samford and they have a different approach, if you are overly strong in GPA but have a low GRE they can counter balance each other. So in the end it depends on what school you are applying to. Go to the school you are applying and find out. Good luck to anyone applying.

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