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  1. Powertrip

    Waiting for results

    You were correct, I got up the morning and there was my name on the BoN. I am so excited!!!!!
  2. Powertrip

    Waiting for results

    So I took the nclex in alabama on wednesday and have had my stomach tied in a knot ever since. I even did the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop up, still I am nervous. So today (2days is the norm in bama) was the day the results were supposed to pop up on the BON, after 8am (when BON is updated) rolled around nothing. Kept trying all day and nothing, you can imagine how I am feeling at that point in time, I was like wow I have failed. Well I went back to pearson and tried the trick again with the good pop up coming up again. So I called the Board of Nursing to see what I should do. They told me to check stuff with a conformation number, after doing that it said my results were pending, so I called again and they informed me that they had gotten the results from wednesday in a day late and that my results would not be up until tomorrow. I am so nervous and just was looking for a place to let this out. I am so glad there is a place to let out all the pent up emotions going through my head right now, but all I can think is "What if I did not pass". I got 75 questions on the dot. Is there any way to deal with this stress. Eating has become impossible and sleeping a rare commodity for the past 2 days. Please help my fellow nurses!!!!!!!!!