Any applicants to Florida Gulf Coast University?

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    I'm looking at applying to FGCU and Wolford College for admission in Spring 2013. I was curious if there is anyone who recently interviewed at FGCU and what the interviews are like? I've found plenty of info about Wolford but nothing so far about FGCU. Any information would be helpful! Thanks!

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    I planned to attend FGCU in a couple of years. I recently graduated with my BSN so I have a long way! do you know how many years of experience they require? I know 1 year is the minimun, but I wonder if that is competitive!
    Thank you for sharing
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    I believe the minimum is one year but I'm not really sure. I was told they have some sort of formula that they use that considers your grades and GRE scores among other things.
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    Thank you!!
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    Anyone know when we should hear about interviews for FGCU CRNA, for the class of Jan 2013?
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    I believe the interviews will be scheduled for 6/30/12. It should be any time now I guess. Have you heard anything about how the interviews are and what types of questions we should expect? Good luck. I'm applying too.
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    From posts I have come across from previous years, it sounds like the interview is focused on "getting to know you," and not clinical questions. I have also read that they are very selective in who they invite for interviews, so those who are granted an interview have a very good chance of being accepted.

    Hoping to hear something this week!
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    I hope so too! Are you from the area?
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    Anyone hear anything about interviews? Is anyone coming from out of town? I hope I hear soon!!!
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    Haven't heard anything. I live in the area so no traveling for me. Good luck! Keep us posted.

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