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Hey everyone... after being on this site for years and slowly making my way through the Nursing student board, to the graduate nurse board, to the MICU/SICU board,.. I can now say that I belong on... Read More

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    Quote from BxRN0808
    Ok Update: I did not get in. I had the feeling I didn't when I left the interview, so it wasn't surprising. However, I have another interview, so experience is now on my side. Congrats to all who got in!!!
    really sorry to hear that. Don't let that get you worried and nervous about your next interview. Like you said, just use it as an experience.

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    Quote from SRNA4U
    Congrats on getting in to U Penn. I got accepted to Drexel. I'm not too familiar with the area but I think U Penn and Drexel are very near each other. I'm also looking for cheap apartment as well. The school has grad dorm for only $900/month with all utilities included but the rooms are only 10" x 10". That's really small but the dorms are located right across the street from the school. The only issue that remains is parking. They charge so much to park in Philly.
    Yeah drexel is actually very close by. Not even a 5 minute drive. And you're right. Parking is ridiculous!! I've been so spoiled by having a car for so many years, unless you wanna spend all that extra cash, we might have to look into public transportation,.. at least some of the days.

    I haven't even started looking at apartments or neighborhoods yet.
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    Quote from monroekelly
    I too got accepted into Upenn's program for 2012. Besides the thread posted about some of the details of the program, does any one have more info about this program??
    congrats!! are you from the area or will you be moving? do you have any specific questions about the program,.. maybe i can answer.
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    I am not from the area, I will be moving. I would like to get all the info you can give me about the program, like positives and any negatives. I have also been accepted into Drexel's program. I am not sure which one to go for. May be your input may help me decide. Thanks!!

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