2 semesters down at TWU (Texas Wesleyan) CRNA program, ask away!

  1. I used this site religiously when I was preparing for my CRNA school application process. Today I found myself distracted and not wanting to study.....so here I am posting on this forum in case anyone has questions about Texas Wesleyan CRNA program. Ask away but I can guess what a few questions will be right off the bat, so here is a little background info.

    I am 27, Male, Married w/ 2 kids (5 & 1.5), worked in a very diverse level 2 trauma SICU in Texas, had 1 year of experience to the day when I interviewed at TWU and was accepted upon interview. CCRN finished after 8 months of RN ICU work (met the hours quickly w/ overtime). GRE score 1100 on the old test scoring method. Over all GPA 3.6-7ish. RN school GPA 4.0. Science GPA 2.8!!! yah and I was grilled in the interview over that one lol....I will expand on it if anyone cares to know. Grades so far at TWU's program is a 4.0....we will see after my pharm final on Thursday!

    I am very busy with school but I will try to answer questions/check back as often as I can...
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  3. by   Terpole
    TWU is the school with clinical sites everywhere right? Are you at one of the distance sites? If so, how do you guys do classroom instruction? Have you started clinicals yet? Is it really impossible to work (like everyone says)?

    I've been accepted to a program. I'm just asking to see what TWU is like
  4. by   ILUVICU84
    Hi there,
    Congrats and thanks for the info. As far as the science courses you took in undergrad besides A&P did you take chemistry or biology as well. I am working towards applying next year and trying improve my science grades. I did well in micro, ap, but want to take biology and chemistry. I have heard most schools like strong science grades. Thanks and good luck to you.
  5. by   NJnewRN
    Congrats! You are young and smart. All the best to you!
  6. by   SRNA1985
    @ Terpole, yes they have sites in a bunch of locations and no I am not in one of the distant sites. Yes it is a stretch on your time and life if you try to work but I belive it can be done depending on how smart you are and how hard your program is. A few of my classmates work here and there but it is tough.

    @ Chennillern, yes I took all of the sciences that were required for my RN program and then I took an intro to CRNA chemistry that was offered by TWU upon acceptance. This chem class was a month long and was a nice refresher and intro into what the chemistry class was going to be like in the first semester. They like good grades but your interview is KEY, in my opinion!!!!
  7. by   SRNA1985
    I have had a few ppl PM me on here but the forum will not let me respond cause of the 15 post rule.....blah blah. So include your email in PM so i can respond back to you. Thx
  8. by   mdsnurse12
    I've noticed they have had a satellite teaching site in College Station before, but all the sudden they don't have an clinical agreement with them? Is this going to change in the future, or are they not planning to do anymore clinical agreements in the brazos valley? The only reason I ask is that I've considered applying to CRNA programs in texas, but the closest are in Houston, which is a 2 and 1/2 hour drive one way for me (at best, not considering traffic). I will have two small children IF I'm accepted and choose to go, while my husband works overseas a month at a time, so I need something more flexible (as in CLOSER to home; I have good support as far as the kids go). Unfortunate for me, the CRNA field has not jumped on the bandwagon with 'convenience' as the other APRN fields have (probably a good thing for the sake of the profession!)
  9. by   Boostisadrug85
    what would you say has been the best and worse thing about the program so far? Any pointers or advice you'd give to future students starting this program? Have you gotten good hands on practice with the simulation lab? And lastly, what has the school schedule been like on a typical week?
  10. by   SRNA1985
    @ Mdsnurse12

    I dont know about the site agreements in your area but the best thing to do is contact the school secretary and they can let you know of things that may or may nor be changing in the near future... Other than that I really can't respond to your situation other than a good family support system is KEY!!! I live in Fort Worth and my family lives back home in West Texas (4hrs away) and I get to go home about every other weekend because the 8-9hr round trip takes too much of my minimal study time away.... It sucks but I have a wonderful wife that makes it work w/ 2 kids and owning her own business. I wish you luck with your situation and hope it all works out for you!
  11. by   SRNA1985
    @ Boostisadrug85

    The best part of the program is how difficult it is but the amount of knowledge you obtain is 2nd to none. You may or may not know this so I will explain it anyways, but there are 2 types of CRNA programs. The first kind is a nursing based program (meaning the school has an RN program...etc). The second type is a health science based program (this school doesn't have any other RN type programs). TWU is a health science program meaning much less of the "sacred encounter bull crap" and much more "science, practice, knowledge" based curriculum. This type of school also usually has a small core of CRNA instructors but then specialized PhD prepared instructors for core classes such as Pharmacology, A&P, and Chemistry while nursing based programs often have CRNAs teaching these courses. TWU has this setup which means specialized people teaching their specialty, in turn this results in the best education you can receive, in my opinion.... Health Science programs also do not have to offer Doctorate CRNA program until 2020 something while all other nursing based programs have to be Dr prepared by 2014ish. Take that for what its worth but in my opinion this means that accreditations are not worried about the level of education at health science based CRNA programs, but again this is only MY OPINION!!

    Labs are what they are where worth in RN school, they serve their purpose in getting you used to the enviroment and orienting you to the atmosphere you will be subjected to. They have nice anesthesia machines to practice on and the instructors are very knowledgeable in the lab.

    Schedule in the 1st semester was 9am - 7pm w/ 2x 1hr breaks Mon, Wed, and Friday. Labs where on Tuesday and Thursdays every couple weeks. 2nd semester is 9am-4pm M, W, and 9-2ish on F. The schedule fluctuates but just know there isnt enough time in the week in the 2nd semester to study! lol

    Future student advice would be study and learn to manage your time and responsibilities very quickly. Learn from each test and take the time to study the questions you missed and got correct and try to pin point the instructors style of testing and what the KEY points are in lecture material. Study at some point before each test with at least one partner and with someone else's notes to compare knowledge and concepts, this really helped me and my study partners.
  12. by   Joker269MPCO

    I was wondering how the financial aid stacks up at TWU. I have heard that their COA is a little low compared to other programs. I too have a family and will be trying to survive on loans while in school. How much did you end up having left to live on each semester. Other programs I looked at were on average around 3k a month to live on after all tuition and fees were paid.
  13. by   SRNA1985
    Yes their COA is low compared to other programs BUT there is an appeal process to allow the inclusion of daycare, self pay insurance, etc. Once I did this it extended my COA another 12k. I have been able to live on 1k a month in Ft worth in a nice neighborhood apt, eating sack lunches everyday, and hitting restaurants here and there but not often. If you are smart with money you will have plenty to live on. My wife's job supplies all the income for our kids, home, and misc back in my hometown where they live so overall we had more than enough.

    I would say that we had about 12k a semester to live on for semester 1 and 2 then another 5k extra each summer session if you need it.
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    What apartments do you hear of students and yourself included living at that are in close proximity to the school and in a safe area? Also on the computer aspect of the program does everyone seem to use laptops or have you seen anyone utilizing an iPad for school purposes? Thanks for the help