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I used this site religiously when I was preparing for my CRNA school application process. Today I found myself distracted and not wanting to study.....so here I am posting on this forum in case anyone has questions about Texas... Read More

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    I was wondering how the financial aid stacks up at TWU. I have heard that their COA is a little low compared to other programs. I too have a family and will be trying to survive on loans while in school. How much did you end up having left to live on each semester. Other programs I looked at were on average around 3k a month to live on after all tuition and fees were paid.

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    Yes their COA is low compared to other programs BUT there is an appeal process to allow the inclusion of daycare, self pay insurance, etc. Once I did this it extended my COA another 12k. I have been able to live on 1k a month in Ft worth in a nice neighborhood apt, eating sack lunches everyday, and hitting restaurants here and there but not often. If you are smart with money you will have plenty to live on. My wife's job supplies all the income for our kids, home, and misc back in my hometown where they live so overall we had more than enough.

    I would say that we had about 12k a semester to live on for semester 1 and 2 then another 5k extra each summer session if you need it.
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    What apartments do you hear of students and yourself included living at that are in close proximity to the school and in a safe area? Also on the computer aspect of the program does everyone seem to use laptops or have you seen anyone utilizing an iPad for school purposes? Thanks for the help
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    I live in Copperfield Apartments and they are very affordable and about 15-20min drive from school. The school is located in the ghetto, so there is nothing that is close by worth mentioning... I have a couple friends living off henderson st. (downtown) but they pay around 1k-1.3K a month....! I pay 550. Ipads will not work for in class work but I do take notes and organize them into a final draft/pdf and then use my ipad to view them in color and for convenience. You have to have a laptop for class and all tests.
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    First off, thanks for doing this and answering these questions. It really helps people like me out to get as much info beforehand as possible.

    1) Starting this summer at TWU and I'm shopping around for a new laptop ( kind of a computer tech junky here). I've got my mind set on a windows 8 ultrabook with touch screen, and I really like a couple of the convertible models that go back and forth from a full laptop to a tablet. My question is do you feel that being able to change back and forth from a traditional laptop to a tablet would be in any way beneficial during class?

    2) Do any of the textbooks that we use come in an electronic version, and if so does it require that we pay extra for both a hardcopy and electronic medium?

    3) From your opening post it sounds like the second half of the didactic phase has been more time intensive than the first. Do you feel that the program eases you in to things, or is it more like pucker-factor 5 from the first day onward.

    Thanks again
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    Thanks for doing this. I am in the process of applying and reading your responses is answering a lot of questions for me.

    1) what laptop in your opinion is best for class and studying? Have you found any other gadgets or iPhone apps to be especially beneficial for either class or studying? If so, what are they?

    2) thanks for reviewing the class schedule. I found that helpfull when envisioning when I might be in class versus studying? Could you provide us with an example of how you organized your week? It seems that planning and organization of study time is important from day one.

    3) I have been told by several people that the interview is KEY. Any suggestions for the actual interview? Were you awarded your first choice of clinical sites? Any advice on how to enhance my chances at my top clinical site?
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    Quote from Nschafer
    @ Boostisadrug85

    The best part of the program is how difficult it is but the amount of knowledge you obtain is 2nd to none. You may or may not know this so I will explain it anyways, but there are 2 types of CRNA programs. The first kind is a nursing based program (meaning the school has an RN program...etc). The second type is a health science based program (this school doesn't have any other RN type programs). TWU is a health science program meaning much less of the "sacred encounter bull crap" and much more "science, practice, knowledge" based curriculum. This type of school also usually has a small core of CRNA instructors but then specialized PhD prepared instructors for core classes such as Pharmacology, A&P, and Chemistry while nursing based programs often have CRNAs teaching these courses. TWU has this setup which means specialized people teaching their specialty, in turn this results in the best education you can receive, in my opinion.... Health Science programs also do not have to offer Doctorate CRNA program until 2020 something while all other nursing based programs have to be Dr prepared by 2014ish. Take that for what its worth but in my opinion this means that accreditations are not worried about the level of education at health science based CRNA programs, but again this is only MY OPINION!!

    Labs are what they are where worth in RN school, they serve their purpose in getting you used to the enviroment and orienting you to the atmosphere you will be subjected to. They have nice anesthesia machines to practice on and the instructors are very knowledgeable in the lab.

    Schedule in the 1st semester was 9am - 7pm w/ 2x 1hr breaks Mon, Wed, and Friday. Labs where on Tuesday and Thursdays every couple weeks. 2nd semester is 9am-4pm M, W, and 9-2ish on F. The schedule fluctuates but just know there isnt enough time in the week in the 2nd semester to study! lol

    Future student advice would be study and learn to manage your time and responsibilities very quickly. Learn from each test and take the time to study the questions you missed and got correct and try to pin point the instructors style of testing and what the KEY points are in lecture material. Study at some point before each test with at least one partner and with someone else's notes to compare knowledge and concepts, this really helped me and my study partners.
    The AANA has taken the position that all programs are to be DNP by 2025. I know you think your school is superior and that's great but just because other schools are making the move earlier probably has more to do with staying competitive with other programs and not necessarily due to your programs format. Also if the number one program VCU is now a DNP, then I'm sure it is not due to their inferior format.
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    Quote from manusko
    The AANA has taken the position that all programs are to be DNP by 2025. I know you think your school is superior and that's great but just because other schools are making the move earlier probably has more to do with staying competitive with other programs and not necessarily due to your programs format. Also if the number one program VCU is now a DNP, then I'm sure it is not due to their inferior format.
    Thanks for the reply, I was just explaining the differences in school formats that many people are unaware of when they apply to CRNA schools (I had no clue there was different types when I started at TWU). But in no way did I say that other school were inferior to other school. Yes I do feel that TWU is better than a few schools that my other SRNA friends are in, but I didnt mention those schools. I can only speak from my single school experience in comparison with my other friend's programs (Nursing based).
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    @ Boog179
    1) No I dont feel that it will matter if you can convert your laptop into a tablet, this feature would be personal preference and I say go with it if you like it. There are many different ways to learn and take notes in class. Do what helps you the best and gives you the best advantage in lecture.
    2) Yes many of the books are in electronic version, I didnt buy my books (they were given to me) so I didnt have an E-version. There is always PDF version of a ton of anesthesia books that you will prolly be able to get your hands on when you start the program (free).
    3) Yes they ease you into the 2nd semester but its still hard and intense when compared to the first. You will be fine just manage your time well and study as much as you can. You will find what works for you and since all the lectures are available on streaming video it will allow you to be somewhat lazy at first...
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    1) I use a MacBook Air and it is great, but I am the only one in my class who uses an Air (everyone else uses the Pro). I say get what you like and what you are most familiar with to help ease the learning process and note taking.
    2) Monday Wednesday Friday - I get to my apt and re-listen the A&P lecture and tweak my in-lecture notes and add needed pictures and drawings that might have been done in lecture.
    Tuesday Thursday Sat Sun - workout till 8am then drive to school and study from about 9am - 5pm each of these days no matter what. Many of you tests in the second semester are within a few days of each other. This means after you take an Exam you will need to go home and start studying for the next exam....
    3) I will post a very extended explanation for this answer in a few days. To answer the question about getting you #1 site: The schools ranks you from 1-120 or however many ppl are accepted into the program, if you rank number 1 then you get your 1 site pic, if you are ranked 10 and your 1 site is filled then you get 2 site and so on.... The only way this is changed is IF your site REQUESTS you to attend clinicals at their site, this happens for RNs that may have worked at this hospital or did an extensive amount of time shadowing CRNAs at this site. Other wise the only way to get your site is to score high in the application process and ace the interview!

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