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  1. TX Wesleyan Clinical Sites

    I know of it happening once so far in my class, but to my knowledge the opportunity arose and the faculty approached the student and not the other way around. It happens very rarely and is not something you should count on.
  2. Hospital policy: no letters of recommendation?

    I have never heard of a hospital having this policy. I'm no attorney but I'm curious if there has ever even been a court case in which an individual or institution was held liable due to writing a letter of recommendation for someone who was later fo...
  3. How to get accepted into CRNA prog.

    Some resources for you to check out: CRNA Schools WWW.NURSE-ANESTHESIA.ORG As previous posters have said, your thinking needs to not be in minimum requirements, but in doing the best that you can in each class. Anything less than a B in any science o...
  4. Texas Wesleyan Colton CA clinical site

    Hang in there. I remember the wait - it was tough.
  5. Texas Wesleyan Colton CA clinical site

    No that doesn't mean that you weren't accepted. I wasn't offered a spot during my interview, and it was the same for most of my classmates.
  6. Texas Wesleyan Colton CA clinical site

    Hello and congratulations! I'm about to start my second semester at TWU and will be heading to Colton in August for phase II. I was a little disappointed at first when I got the offer for Colton as my site, as I'm originally from Fort Worth and was h...
  7. Standing Out with Competitive CRNA Application

    CCRN, extra chemistry and biology courses ( with A's ), getting your ACLS and/or PALS instructor certifications, volunteering in leadership or research positions - all look good on an application. I would focus on what you realistically have time to ...
  8. Previous Degree Advantages/Disadvantages for CRNA programs

    Your biology degree will definitely be an advantage in the application process. I can't speak from experience as I don't start CRNA school until August, but I know a few people who hold a degree in either biology or chemistry and applied, and all wer...
  9. First off, thanks for doing this and answering these questions. It really helps people like me out to get as much info beforehand as possible. 1) Starting this summer at TWU and I'm shopping around for a new laptop ( kind of a computer tech junky her...
  10. What does your nursing uniform look like?

    We wear royal-blue scrubs, with our nursing school patch sewn above the breast pocket. One star is added above the patch each semester to designate what level you're in, ( 1 star = 1st semester, 2 stars = 2nd semester etc). There is a strictly enforc...