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Which review course is the best???? - page 2

APEA, Barkley's, or Fitzgeralds??? They all 3 say "they" are the best...... I am in the FNP program.. anyone have suggestions and when in relation to graduation is the best time to take the... Read More

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    LOL! You'll be okay, promise! Every 5 years you have to renew your licensure with both certifying bodies. They each have different requirements at the moment, and by the time your 5 years comes around, the requirements may not be what they are now, so you have to make sure to keep up with that.
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    thanks Christen and everyone for posting!!.. I appreciate everything.. Lords willing I will graduate in May, I was thinking I would take a review course in January and another one in May (after graduation).. different ones.. hoping to be able to pass on my first try.. does that sound reasonable..?
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    nursetim, When you say her style is not for everyone what do you mean? I am trying to decide which review but wanted to attend a live session. Or if you have any audio from the session you want to sell please let me know. Thanks Or send me your email if you don't mind, I had a few more questions about the review.Thanks
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    I found marg Fitzgerald's CDs to be very helpful. I also use Leik FNP certif. review questions book and NP certification questions, 3rd edition (purple book) by Margaret Fitzgerald. I had no problem passing ANCC. I think, all of the above is more than enough for you to pass. Yes, lots of ethical and research questions on ANCC exam , but they were straight forward.
    Good luck!
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    I graduated in December, took the APEA review weekend (Hollier) and tested in January and passed....I did review some of the Fitzgerald workbook and listened to quite a few of her CDs, which I found very helpful, particularly the ethical/cultural/legal CDs....I also bought multiple practice tests to do online, which I thought was helpful...
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    I know this is an old post but I listented to the Fitzgerald CDs and went to the Kellerman review I LOVED kellerman AND she is 100% refundable if you dont pass so whats the harm right?
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    Sorry, I didn't see your post until just now. I hope things turned out well for you.

    Kellerman uses physical actions to help retention of information. By physical actions, I mean getting you up and moving, not wrapping you on the knuckles. I've heard Ms. Fitzgerald speak and she is worth your time as well. Though I only like live interactive presentations, tapes, not so much and books, reading gives me narcolepsy.
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    nQuiz.com was the best! They have content support it is so great!
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    Fitzgerald online review class is hands down the best review course you can possibly take. I took another review course before hers (not mentioning which one) and it was worthless when it came to the boards because I failed terribly. If you want to take the FNP boards (AANP) and pass, I would highly recommend taking the Fitzgerald online review, she is absolutely wonderful. I learned more from her review than I did in NP school.