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APEA, Barkley's, or Fitzgeralds??? They all 3 say "they" are the best...... I am in the FNP program.. anyone have suggestions and when in relation to graduation is the best time to take the... Read More

  1. by   Christen, ANP
    LOL! You'll be okay, promise! Every 5 years you have to renew your licensure with both certifying bodies. They each have different requirements at the moment, and by the time your 5 years comes around, the requirements may not be what they are now, so you have to make sure to keep up with that.
  2. by   buster4
    thanks Christen and everyone for posting!!.. I appreciate everything.. Lords willing I will graduate in May, I was thinking I would take a review course in January and another one in May (after graduation).. different ones.. hoping to be able to pass on my first try.. does that sound reasonable..?
  3. by   danielle12
    nursetim, When you say her style is not for everyone what do you mean? I am trying to decide which review but wanted to attend a live session. Or if you have any audio from the session you want to sell please let me know. Thanks Or send me your email if you don't mind, I had a few more questions about the review.Thanks
  4. by   1newFNP
    I found marg Fitzgerald's CDs to be very helpful. I also use Leik FNP certif. review questions book and NP certification questions, 3rd edition (purple book) by Margaret Fitzgerald. I had no problem passing ANCC. I think, all of the above is more than enough for you to pass. Yes, lots of ethical and research questions on ANCC exam , but they were straight forward.
    Good luck!
  5. by   TennesseeNP123
    I graduated in December, took the APEA review weekend (Hollier) and tested in January and passed....I did review some of the Fitzgerald workbook and listened to quite a few of her CDs, which I found very helpful, particularly the ethical/cultural/legal CDs....I also bought multiple practice tests to do online, which I thought was helpful...
  6. by   froggg123
    I know this is an old post but I listented to the Fitzgerald CDs and went to the Kellerman review I LOVED kellerman AND she is 100% refundable if you dont pass so whats the harm right?
  7. by   nursetim
    Sorry, I didn't see your post until just now. I hope things turned out well for you.

    Kellerman uses physical actions to help retention of information. By physical actions, I mean getting you up and moving, not wrapping you on the knuckles. I've heard Ms. Fitzgerald speak and she is worth your time as well. Though I only like live interactive presentations, tapes, not so much and books, reading gives me narcolepsy.
  8. by   Quinne28
    Fitzgerald online review class is hands down the best review course you can possibly take. I took another review course before hers (not mentioning which one) and it was worthless when it came to the boards because I failed terribly. If you want to take the FNP boards (AANP) and pass, I would highly recommend taking the Fitzgerald online review, she is absolutely wonderful. I learned more from her review than I did in NP school.
  9. by   Jasneth
    I was unsuccessful in passing my boards. Yes, I am devastated, however what has compounded my frustration is the lack of help from the review course I took. I took the Fitzgerald review which I consider the worst in the sense of customer service and helping people we are unsuccessful. They market that there will be free remediation if you are unsuccessful, but that remediation consists of 1.5 hours of you sitting through a live call in session with question and answers.

    If you study months, took the boards and fail, 1.5 hours of phone prep will not be sufficient to help you retake the exam. In order for you to obtain another continuing certificate you will have to repay for the review again.

    I paid for the online review which gives you 4 attempts at the models. I have two attempts left on some of the models. Now that I have failed the exam I still have the option to review those models, but I will have to repurchase the online course to obtain another certificate to retest.

    We all plan on passing the exam when we sit for it. However, if you are one of the four who do not pass you will have to repay to retake. I have spoken to other students who have failed and who have taken other review courses who do not have to repay to obtain help.

    I have communicated back and forth with Fitzgerald and they will not budge on their policy. Therefore, I will attempt to clearly explain their police for those who may consider using them for a review.
  10. by   traumanightsRN
    I did the online Fitzgerald FNP Review course and although I learned a lot, when it came to taking boards I do not feel it helped me at all. I did pass boards on my first try but barely. I felt completely prepared after doing the Fitz review and when I sat down and started taking the Cert Exam I was completely blown away by the questions, i.e. the content was nothing like any information from the review. There were questions that had information I had never even heard of. By the time I got to the end of the exam I felt it was 50-50 whether I passed or failed. I passed but when I got my score in the mail, the lowest passing score is 500 and I got 520. So yes I barely passed. I feel in general Fitz's review helped me understand things but it did not help at all for the certification exam. Just my two cents.