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Has anyone applied for 2017 MSN or DNP programs for family nurse practitioner, acute care nurse practitioner, or primary care nurse practitioner at University of Central Florida (UCF)?... Read More

  1. by   Sweet Tea247
    Would someone like to share their stats: GPA/GRE? I am looking to apply for the next cycle. How many applications did they receive and how many people gain acceptance? Do they award scholarships to the best students? How much nursing experience does the average student have? Was there an interview?

    Also, do they help you set up clinical rotations in the area? Do they help you find a job placement after the degree?
  2. by   Kristinetx
    I'm planning on apply this upcoming cycle to the DNP programs. I highly recommend you talk to a grad advisor at the CON. I talked to Ruth V. and she was amazing, I received so much more info than I expected. I'm currently in the UCF BSN program, and the grad faculty came and talked to my class and said there is no reason to not apply straight out of nursing school, don't wait because you think they want clinical experience. Those people and the advisor I talked to said they don't care much about clinical because they have found similar pass rates between new grad nurses and those with 20 years. As far as scholarships specific to the CON grad program, there are fellowship and one other kind (sorry, can't remember the name!) that is only given to full time students and the way it was explained to me, you need to have a UCF CON faculty member essentially vouch for you and say you deserve the money.
  3. by   OnOn2NICU
    Hey. Congrats to you guys. Did anyone get into the NP program via the non-nursing bachelors route? I came to nursing completely backwards I am a second career RN with a Bachelors in chemistry, a Masters in Public Health, and an associates in nursing.

    I've enrolled in the courses required to "bridge" to apply for the DNP program without a BSN but I'm nervous that I won't get in to the DNP program that way and thinking I should suck it up and get the BSN to open up my options to more programs than UCF. Such a tough choice.

    Any advice would be appreciated.