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    She graduated from high school at 15...she started college course while in high school, at 17 BSN, at 20 NP MSN, seems like she didn't work s a RN, just continued thru you should be able to find article.

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    Quote from Leah325
    Hi! I am an AA undergraduate nursing student interested in becoming a FNP. Did you all have any experience? How many schools did you all apply too? Any information would be extremely helpful. I would like to hear from all of you, not just FNP students.
    I had about 4 years of pediatric nurse experience before applying to my current program. I only applied to one program. This school had an agreement with the hospital i worked at for RNs to enter their MSN programs (if they met the admission criteria) and i went there for my undergrad as well, so i knew i would get into the PNP program. Another factor in me choosing this school again was because they offered MSN core classes at my hospital in the evenings. Which was really convenient.
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    Thanks for the advice. I will be graduating from undergrad May 2013 and my plan is to go straight through as well, but only part-time becuse I would like to work full-time. Do you know anyone who pursued a similar path? I met an AA student the other day who is going straight through to pursue her WHNP as well. Did everyone's hospital pay for there schooling or did you take out loans?....but YES! There are so many nurses and nursing students who don't know what is really going on with the MSN-DNP transition.
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    Hi, the DNP still remains a proposal, just like the one was for BSN being the entry to may or may not pass...of course the schools are preparing to be on the safe side...I graduated in June, taking final class to finish in August 2012. Please consider your WHNP unless it's definitely a passion for you...more than 2/3rd of the class consist of NPs from all specialties, that are coming back for a post=master for FNP
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    I am an AA Primary Adult Care NP student starting this fall and scheduled to graduate Fall 2014. BRAVO to all of us for advancing our education. I wish you all success.
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    I am an AA student also. Just finished my DNP/FNP awaiting to take my certification exam as soon as ANCC gives me the green light. Good Luck everyone:-)
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    Quote from CCRNDiva
    To the OP, are you just looking for Neonatal NP (NNP) students? If so, you may have a hard time. Doesn't seem to be many NNP students period as there aren't many NNP programs around.
    Really...?? I wasn't aware of this. Do you know why?
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    I'm currently in the usa on line nnp program and am African American. Starting clinicals in the fall.
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    I start PNP program in Fall! Congrats to everyone on graduating!
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