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Hello all, I have started Walden University in the FNP program. I could not find many consumer reviews regarding their student satisfaction. Only that they have a 29% retention rate? Are there any do's or dont's that I should... Read More

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    Actually, the retention rate for Walden is around 80%, I am not sure where some of these statistics are comming from. I will start clinicals for the FNP program in June of this year. I am finishing my second quarter in two weeks. My words of advice would be, don't beleive things your hear fromm people who havent or are not attending Walden. Walden is a highly reputable school and has a very good reputation in the medical comnunity. The program is very comprehensive and demanding, and all of the insturctors are doctorially prepared, most from highly rated traditional universities. Do your research, and find the program that fits your life. One very imprtant thing to remember, it may be relatively easy to get accepted to Walden, but it is very hard to stay in the program. dont underestimate this school.
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    Thanks Mark. Your comments speak volumes. People are quick to judge that which they know nothing about. I have heard great things about the program. Good luck to you!
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    The stats could be from different places for me when I applied to Fafsa that's also what they showed the statistic rate to be for walden . Besides the fact great word of mouth for this program I'm starting in June
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    I have applied to Walden and looks like I will be starting in June if all goes as planned. I was going to start in March but changed my mind on start dates.. I hope I am making the right choice. I have spend hours trying to figure out which program will be best for me and my family..
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    I was in their MSN management degree a couple of years ago. I transferred to Graceland for my FNP becuase Walden did not have a FNP at the time. I had a great experience there and would have stayed if possible. Maybe the statistics you are seeing are because it is a new program??
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    I started the FNP at Walden in September 2012 and all is great. Very demanding and the program encourages interaction and comprehension of course material. I am now looking for a preceptor for september 2013. I would like to get my preceptor application in by april 1st. I am in Georgia. Anyone with any insight about this would be helpful. right now I am looking on eNP for preceptors and asking around.
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    " To Start or Not to Start" FNP at WALDEN is the question ?
    I am starting the FNP program this Semester as well.
    I have spent a year reseraching various unviersities and have had mixed reviews. I feel unsure wonder how it is going to be ... As long as we pass the state board and get good clinicals I feel the teaching material is the same everywhere. But still- will it be recognized.
    If aone out there has finished the program and started working in the state of texas - Please email or post your comments about your experience. thanks
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    enjoying the program and learning a lot
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    Which state do you live in? Do live in CA? I am also msn-fnp student in CA?
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    To Juan or anybody,

    Regarding Walden Univ. MSN-FNP. I live in California. Is it worth it? Also accreditation here in California. Please help me and give me advice. Please be nice with comment since it becomes heated discussion. Happy New Year my fellow Nurses!

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