St. Joseph's of Maine - direct entry to FNP program with BA and ADN???

  1. Has anyone successfully entered the St. Josephs FNP program without a BSN? I have a BA in Communications and a recent ADN and 1 year of nursing experience (Yes, I am a late blomer). The concept makes sense....take 2 courses to prove your readiness for the MSN program....But, there is no guarantee for acceptance! That could wind up being a huge waste of time! Just curious how many have tried this option?
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  3. by   Cauliflower
    I applied to their program with a non-nursing BS and would've had enough similar classes to transfer out of those 2 bridge classes, but they were the only program that didn't accept me, and I have a strong sense that having a different BS put me at a disadvantage. When I inquired, they told me they only accepted 9 out of 85 applicants. When I looked more at their rankings in US News & World Report and at their tuition rates, I realized I wouldn't have chosen this program. Hope this helps!
  4. by   Ellen NP
    It's a very new but good program. I suspect that the BSN would help gain acceptance because the school has evidence that you can do the nursing coursework. My mother actually got her BSN from St Joe's years ago, AFTER she was a certified NP. I have friends in the program, both students and faculty, and the feedback is good.

    St Joes' a good undergraduate nursing program and they have done online MSN programs for years. The FNP is the new program. I was accepted a few years ago but didn't enroll because there's no money available for post-MSN students to get the FNP. I'm already a Psych NP.

    Some programs will have restrictions re which states you can do clinicals in so check on that before wasting a lot of time on applications.
  5. by   Marshall1
    I took one class through them, liked it but the distance requirements changed and being on campus for 2 weeks plus a few other times was prohibitive for me so I didn't complete the program for the MSN with them because of this. Maybe you can contact an admissions counselor for more guidance/information.
  6. by   Cauliflower
    Ellen NP,
    I'm curious---why in the world would your mom go back to do a BSN after being an NP?
  7. by   mtsteelhorse
    Are the courses self-paced with 15 weeks to finish?
  8. by   Ellen NP
    She decided to complete the BS that she had started before raising our family. Obtaining the degree what a matter of personal satisfaction.
  9. by   dottimur
    I am sending my transcripts in today. I have an ADN, a bachelor's in math and an MS in Nursing Education. So no BSN. We will see what happens. I did check and they are good to work in my state (Oklahoma). The self paced option sounds attractive to me.
  10. by   dottimur
    I received my rejection from St Joseph yesterday.
  11. by   mtsteelhorse
    Quote from dottimur
    I received my rejection from St Joseph yesterday.
    I am so sorry. Back up plan???
  12. by   dottimur
    I have an application in to Graceland and may apply to USA. I am good!
  13. by   mtsteelhorse
    Quote from dottimur
    I have an application in to Graceland and may apply to USA. I am good!
    From everything I've heard I'd steer clear of USA. Good luck to you!
  14. by   dottimur
    I was accepted to Graceland and start may 6.