St Joseph's College of Maine FNP program students

  1. I wanted to start this thread for all of the new (and current) students at Saint Joseph's College of Maine FNP program.

    Any info, news, updates or questions/concerns could be asked here for all the new and current students.

    Any advice that the current students can give us new students would be greatly appreciated

    For example...

    1. How many books are required for NU 501?
    2. Has setting up clinicals been difficult?
    3. Have the current students had any trouble communicating with your advisors? Do they get back to you promptly?
    4. Overall, how has the experience been? Are you glad you are in this program?

    Thanks so much!

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  3. by   LJames13
    Oh! also, anyone currently interested in selling books would be great as well.
  4. by   2ndcareerBSN
    [font=corbel]ljames13, thank you for taking the initiative to start this thread...

    [font=corbel]i was also recently accepted to st. joseph's program (so i'm an example of the blind leading the blind), but i can provide some information to help fellow students with textbook purchases.

    [font=corbel]if you go the st. joseph's website and go to the link "order your textbooks" you can look up the textbook required for each course or you can use this link: [font=corbel]

    [font=corbel]the website provides a picture of the book, the isbn and the cost. however, i would definitely suggest that you search the internet first...many of these books can be purchased for less than $10 dollars (particularly the core course textbooks).
    [font=corbel]i compared book prices at and amazon....[font=corbel]so for example nu 506 leadership... if you order it from the bookstore link on the st. joe's webpage the used textbook cost $62.04, but if you order it at or amazon the same textbook is currently being sold for less than $5... yes! five dollars ($3.35 and $2.98 to be exact).

    [font=corbel]i hope this information helps...
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  5. by   LJames13
    Thank you so much! this is very helpful!
  6. by   canyonforest
    Yes, the info re book prices was very helpful, also the link. I'm waiting for my advisor to enroll me in the first course, contingent on receiving some financial aide forms; its going to be an exciting journey....thanks for starting the post!
  7. by   core34
    Any St.Joseph's students from Massachusetts doing clinicals? I am told they aren't accepting Mass residents because the Department of Higher Education hasn't approved preceptorship in the state. Any insight?
  8. by   rprn2009

    Hi I got your PM but I can't reply because I haven't posted at least 15 posts yet. I live in Louisiana and find the program manageable while working, but I am on my third core course and plan to be in clinicals by at most next summer.

    I plan on dropping my work hours to part-time soon so that I can focus 100% on the course load, though. I am trying to overlap courses, i.e. complete one course halfway then start another at that time.

    Hope this helps.
  9. by   LJames13

    Wow! I did not know you could do that (overlapping courses), Thats great! I will probably do the same if possible. Will you start clinicals in summer 2012? or did you mean 2013?

    When did you start the program?
  10. by   rprn2009

    You can overlap courses once you complete the first two courses with a "B" or better and then are matriculated into the FNP program. I started my first course back in June of this year. I will hopefully be able to start clinicals in summer 2012.
  11. by   LJames13
    Nice rprn2009! That sounds good!

    Quick question... I'm getting ready to order my books but I noticed they have (4) books that show up as required for nursing that correct? That sounds like quite a bit of book for one class, just want to make sure before I order them. When I log into the Angel learning suite, it does not give me a specific book to use (unless I missed it) ...any advice? I will be buying them online to save some money, I just don't want to buy the wrong books or too many books, Thanks!

  12. by   LJames13
    Sorry guys, just found the answer to my own question...I guess it is 4 books for nursing informatics!

    For the students that have taken this class, anything we should look out for? any advice? Thanks!
  13. by   LPN2RN2BSN2MSN
    I am a student at St. Jo's but I am just doing the BSN program. I plan on doing a psych NP program which St. Jo's doesn't have, but I was thinking that I would knock the patho and pharm out at SJ because I do like the format of the classes. I was thinking that because these classes are basic to any NP program I would be safe and wouldn't have any problems transferring the classes wherever I went. Do the patho and pharm have proctored exams? How do they test your knowledge? Are they self- paced like the other classes? Any thoughts?
  14. by   Leahbrasher
    Just enrolled for nursing informatics 11/30. I haven't received anything regarding the order of classes. Should I be expecting a packet?