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If I remember correctly, their NP program was only available on campus not too long ago. How long has the online NP been established? Has anyone here on attended and graduated from the... Read More

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    Hi, I'm interested in the MSN FNP program. Is anyone who has graduated or currently enrolled from California? I would like to know if completion of this program would be eligible for CA certification. Thank you!
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    I started the FNP program at South June of 2012. I was in the initial group of students accepted into the program with the reinstatement of the online program. I will be completing the program August 16, 2014. I will say the program has been bumpy but completely worth it. A few tips: 1. You can take more than one course at a time-This is what slowed my class, so ask your academic adviser. 2. It may be easy to find preceptors, but the gathering the required paperwork is more difficult. 3. There is a clinical coordinator and academic adviser for help, but students must be autonomous because you are pretty much on your own. $. The program is what you make it. 5. Expect to do some form of homework 4 days a week, especially during practicum courses. This is the short list. If any one has any questions, I will answer the best I can!
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    A student in my final practicum course is located in California. She is enrolled in the FNP program at South.
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    what other program would you recommend?
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    any feedback on the first practicum class? health assesment class .I heard there is a midterm exam,which I am very anxious about. i am not a good test taker and how do you study for the exam?
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    almost all FNP programs are online nowadays with about a year of clinical time at the end. You will not have any problems getting a job in my opinion.
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    How are you doing now that you have graduated? I recently applied and will be attending in the next few months. Hopefully they have smoothed out the program a little.
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    Quote from curly65
    I am staring to take this class, but I am going to the Tampa campus. I would like to hear how everything is going for you.
    Have you completed the program, I start in Oct on the Tampa campus?
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    Yes I have completed the program, graduated and passed my board.