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If I remember correctly, their NP program was only available on campus not too long ago. How long has the online NP been established? Has anyone here on attended and graduated from the... Read More

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    I'm applying for the Nov start class but caught in between South and U of Memphis. Anyone in the Univ of Mem program?
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    I start in the Nov 2013 group for FNP as well so I can't speak for the quality of the actual classes yet, but as far as the admission and advisory process has been, they're phenomenal. My admission advisor was a wealth of information and was always incredibly prompt to respond at any time of day. And as far as having the clinical sites prior to admission, they DO NOT have to be definite locked down sites, just general ideas. The major hospital in my area has a resource for visiting students where you tell them the specialty you need and they'll get you set up, so check for resources like that locally. I'm looking forward to starting in 2 weeks, hopefully I'll be in class with some of you!
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    I secured my clinical possibilities today so now they have all of my application paperwork....I'm hoping to start this month also....YIKES!
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    Hi! I secured my clinical sites today as well and had my packet sent for admission to nov class. Hopefully I'll be working with you. Good luck!
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    VonettaRN.....I got an acceptance email today!
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    Hi I got my acceptance email this evening! Congrats!! Were you in the orientation class this evening?
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    Thank you!!
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    I will be starting the FNP program next week. If anyone else is starting we should form some sort of a support group to help each other through it. It's going to be extremely difficult and I know I'd appreciate knowing I having others on the same journey with me. My email is if anyone is interested. Good luck to us all.
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    Me too my email is
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    December is my start date. If there is anyone who wants to open this conversation up, please do!
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    Wishing you good luck. My start date is february 6th, 2014.
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    Good luck and welcome. I will be starting my clinicals then...whew!!!!!

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