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So did anyone or is anyone currently in the FNP or Adult NP online program at this time? I spoke to an admissions rep and was really impressed. The set up is nice with one course at a time, although was told you can talk to... Read More

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    can you work full time and go the online courses of South U?
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    I've read lots of negative comments about the school. I am wanting comments on the online FNP program. I am also on the fence about applying.
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    I too was on the fence for applying initially, however, when I found out that they were accredited, I didn't hesitate. I have kept a full time job and am easilly getting everything done for the classes and am going to take two classes in the next session. Personally, I'm finding the classes pretty easy and have liked all my professors...but then I am a big Nerd and didn't take a break from school, so I didn't really have to "get back in the swing of things". As long as you read all the announcments and follow instructions classes are fine. As to whether or nort it prepares you for certification...I don't know...but then I have always been one to use those study books that prepare you for certification tests. Standardized tests are always way more difficult than school tests, so far I have had no tests, just a lot of papers, but those are doable.
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    Any feedback on the exam because i am starting this class and i am very nervous about the exams . Since we have to cover a lot of materials and the instructor is not that helpful
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    Review your notes from the weekly printed material. 90% of the exam relates directly to this information.
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    Has anyone finished the FNP at South University and taken the certification exam? I was wondering how well they prepared you for the exam.