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Anyone already applying at Seattle U? Which track? I haven't finished my pre-req's, so I am probably not too competitive this year, but I am going to apply anyway. I am applying for the nurse-midwife... Read More

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    thanks for posting the details from the SU information session. It's helpful to those of us who are out of state!
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    hey all! i'm applying to the fnp tract, with hopes of focusing specifically in women's health as an fnp. i'm really excited to apply to SU! best of luck to all as you wrap up applications. i wish they had an info session around thanksgiving, as i'll be home to see family ah well!
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    Should we mention we have kids in our essay? How do the adcom see people who have kids - I know they are not supposed to ask you this kind of question in the interview. Students, do you know if many other students have kids or is it pretty rare?

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    Quite a few have kids, one of us has 5 kids!!! As long as you make it clear you have a great support system (if they ask) I don't think it'll hurt you. And they do ask in the interview about how you will be supported and survive through the program. They DO NOT want you working during the program, so DON'T tell them if you are.
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    Great to know! As far as age, how would classify your cohort? (just curious) Would you say you are a group of typical grad students (early twenties) or more like a non-traditional cohort, 30's, or even 40's? Or a good mix of both? Any foreigners (particularly latinas?)? I know they can't reject me because of age or nationality, I am just curious - I would love to be in a very diverse group.

    I don't plan on working, so that's good!
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    Yes they most definitely ask how you will handle the two-three years of the program in regards to social and financial support. I think these questions are intended to see whether the student is realistic about their expectations. Having kids will not count against you. Many of the students in our cohort has kids and are doing extremely well.

    Calinca-when you say foreigners, what do you mean by that? International students? Ethnicity other than Caucasian? Our cohort has a mix of different ethnicity, but like any other program, Caucasian is dominant.

    Not quite sure about the typically age, but definitely more toward the 30's. There are a few in their early 20's, but the majority are older, considering that this is usually a second career for most students.
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    Does anyone know what percentage of applicants get asked for an interview? This may have been covered in previous questions, but what are they looking for in students? Goals consistent with their core values and the mission statement of the school?

    Another question for current students or students who are hoping to enter the women's healthcare field: what's the school's stance on abortion?

    Thank you all!
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    i can't answer your other questions, but given that it's a Jesuit Catholic school, I would bet that its stance on abortion is anti-abortion. That's an assumption, but I think it's a fair one..
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    I think I remember asking them that Q last year. I think they interview about 150 people and then maybe 30-40 waitlisted? This year a ton got off the waitlist, like 20 probably. The year before I heard they only took like 5 off the waitlist. And as far as the abortion Q for the midwifery track, I couldn't tell you what the school stance is but I can tell you this is our OB quarter and we addressed working at a clinic that performs abortion and how if your morals don't match up you shouldn't be in that line of work or any that your morals don't line up to. But they never said anything along the lines of "that's bad".
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    Thanks MSW! I was asking about people who were born in another country and moved to the United States - that's my case! I am glad most students are in their 30's, I will be 35 December 1st!!
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    Thanks all for your thoughts.

    Another questions. I can't find on the online application where to submit a personal statement or writing sample, as well as a CV. Anyone having this problem? Is it something that we just mail. Thank you again!
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    You can mail or email the CV and Essay. I don't have the addresses here right now, sorry, but they are on the website.
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    Quote from Calinca
    Thanks MSW! I was asking about people who were born in another country and moved to the United States - that's my case! I am glad most students are in their 30's, I will be 35 December 1st!!
    I was born in another country as well and moved to the U.S. around 3 or 4 years old. Don't worry about your age. You'll find that you'll be in good company because the majority of the people in our cohort are very mature and driven regardless of age.

    I think every year is different in terms of how many people they take off the waitlist. I know that in our year, there were lots of people taken off and in other years only a few. It all depends on how many people decline their offer and how many people they take for the traditional MSN.

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