Samford University FNP Fall 2013 students?

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    I was accepted into the program, and looking around for other students who will also be in the program. I have heard awesome things about Samford, and can not wait til August to start meeting fellow students and faculty. Orientation is coming up soon, hoping to chat with a few people before and see if they know the area better. I am probably flying out, renting a car, and also a hotel room. Any info would be fantastic, or just introduce yourself.

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    I am not in the program yet but I hope to start in January 2014! I have already applied for that semester and I can't wait to see if I got in. Congrats and good luck! How long did it take for you to get a response after applying?
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    I'll be there with you this Fall and can't wait to get started! I've been really impressed with everyone I've interacted with from the school so far. I researched plenty of schools, and Samford seems like a great fit...its the only school I applied to.

    I'm in North Carolina and don't know anything about Birmingham...trying to decide if I should fly or drive. I look forward to meeting you!
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    Canadianlove...I did not apply until a week before the deadline due to waiting for my BSN grades to post. I have been a nurse for 3 years, but finished my ADN to BSN. They inform you rather quickly, and if you email them a question, they answer super fast.

    Pack...The drive for me is 12 hours, so I have decided to fly and rent a car. I applied to two programs, but only bc I did not know how many Samford accepted so wanted a backup. I actually know a few people who have completed this program and have nothing but awesome things to say. I look forward to meeting you too, and the rest of our class.
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    Hey I am also going to be there this Fall. I'm so nervous. I'm working full time and school full time...I hope it's doable! Lol. I live in Texas so I am flying as we'll. I wish I knew people who completed this program for encouragement
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    hey apnurse...what part of TX are you in? I am in the Austin area
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    hey bulldog2013 I am in Houston
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    Hi guys! I am also starting the Fall of 2013, a little nervous but excited too! I am flying in and renting a car. Can't wait to meet everyone.
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    Hi everyone! I will see you all for orientation in August. I will be flying in from North Carolina. Anyone familiar with area hotels?? Looking forward to meeting all of you!
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    Where in NC? I am in Greensboro and am trying to decide the same thing.

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