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Programs that Start May/June 2014?

  1. 0 Does anyone know of FNP programs that start in the summer of 2014 instead of the fall and still have time to apply?

    I've applied to a few programs, all of them start Fall 2014. I'm currently not working and honestly have nothing to do but sit home all day applying for jobs and NP programs. I really don't want to continue to do this for 8+ months until fall classes start, so I'd really like to find a program that starts May/June or even earlier. Online is okay as long as it has a good reputation.

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    University of Texas Arlington's Academic Partnership program does. 100% online. Requirements: 2.8GPA and GRE of 149/141/3.5 (best 2/3) - GRE waived if you have a 3.0.
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    It's only open to TX nurses.
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    This isn't their class based program - it's brand new. First cohort is starting next month. I don't see that TX residency is required anywhere on the site? It says unencumbered RN license and 2 years of experience in a United States health system. The RN-BSN AP program of theirs that I'm in now is nationwide. They don't set up your clinicals so it's my understanding this is nationwide as well. The site says "Clinical experiences in your local area."
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    Seattle University starts in June. Pretty sure you missed the deadline though
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    Pacific Lutheran University starts in the summer. Priority deadline is passed, but they still take applications (I think). You start as advanced generalist and have to apply to the FNP program later, though.

    Is Seattle U definitely a hard deadline? I thought I saw something somewhere on the website about 1 December being "priority," so it's possible you could still apply.
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    Simmons college starts in March (still time to apply) and May I believe.
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    Georgetown University has multiple start dates throughout the year depending on what program you are wanting. FNP starts 5 times a year. I am enrolled now and LOVE it!!! Hard but definitely a great program with a great reputation.
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    Eastern Kentucky deadline for summer is April 11th. They boast a 100% pass rate on national exams, but they take longer to finish. I believe they require 810 clinical hours.

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