Nurse Practitioner Program for an RN w/ ASN without EXPERIENCE?

  1. Hi,

    I will be graduating with my RN (ASN) by the end of this year. I have a Bachelor's in Respiratory from a Nationally Accredited School. I really want to become a Nurse Practitioner and want to continue with my schooling right after I finish my RN license.

    Does anyone know any MSN- FNP program or any RN to MSN Bridge Program that would accept my BS in RT from a Nationally Accredited School and DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY EXPERIENCE?

    It doesn't really matter how much the tuition is or where it will be. I can relocate anywhere in the US.

    Thank you so much for your help!!!
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  3. by   DZaucha
    Hunter College in NYC has an RN - NP program, no exp needed.
  4. by   dance4life
    Massachusetts College of Pharmacy does too!

    Thanks for the Hunter College suggestion, I just moved to the city.
  5. by   dance4life
    They suspended their applications. Grrr... =/ I am going to have to get my BSN first.
  6. by   CCRNDiva
    Vanderbilt University has an entrance option for both ASNs and non-nurses with bachelors degrees in other fields. It's quite expensive and intense but it looks l was quite impressed when I went to their open house.
  7. by   InsanediegoRN
    I am attending this program in San Diego ca, and went directly into FNP without RN experience
  8. by   foreverLaur
    The Ohio State University has an online FNP program that does not require any experience and will accept you directly into their MSN program since you have a non-nursing bachelors + RN. They are ranked #32 in the country, if that matters to you.

    The Ohio State University College of Nursing