Nurse Practitioner Program for an RN w/ ASN without EXPERIENCE?

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    I will be graduating with my RN (ASN) by the end of this year. I have a Bachelor's in Respiratory from a Nationally Accredited School. I really want to become a Nurse Practitioner and want to continue with my schooling right after I finish my RN license.

    Does anyone know any MSN- FNP program or any RN to MSN Bridge Program that would accept my BS in RT from a Nationally Accredited School and DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY EXPERIENCE?

    It doesn't really matter how much the tuition is or where it will be. I can relocate anywhere in the US.

    Thank you so much for your help!!!
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    Hunter College in NYC has an RN - NP program, no exp needed.
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    Massachusetts College of Pharmacy does too!

    Thanks for the Hunter College suggestion, I just moved to the city.
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    They suspended their applications. Grrr... =/ I am going to have to get my BSN first.
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    Vanderbilt University has an entrance option for both ASNs and non-nurses with bachelors degrees in other fields. It's quite expensive and intense but it looks l was quite impressed when I went to their open house.
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    I am attending this program in San Diego ca, and went directly into FNP without RN experience
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    The Ohio State University has an online FNP program that does not require any experience and will accept you directly into their MSN program since you have a non-nursing bachelors + RN. They are ranked #32 in the country, if that matters to you.

    The Ohio State University College of Nursing