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Hey everyone, I'm a pre-nursing student (hope to be accepted in a few weeks to a BSN program!) and my goal is to become a NP or CRNA, though I'm equally split right now. I have a question about the diagnostic ability of an... Read More

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    The OP is far too stubborn to be a successful NP, lol. FWIW, I did answer your question in the NP forum. The answer is, certainly, but it depends on the individual. You need to grow up and calm down before deciding upon what to have for breakfast, much less what do do with the rest of your life. Good luck.
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    although there may be pa's around with an aa, they are rare, and that would be one salty pa. the pa programs have not offered aa's in many years. now, all programs require a 4 year degree prior to enrolling in a pa program, and most require you to take the mcat. most have changed to ms programs. very few bs pa programs still exist. the military program, ipap, is a masters program. i work in neurosurgery. we have two pa's and two np's. we do exactly the same job. both are great certifications, each with little advantages over the other. what it all comes down to is what track you happen to fall in during your education. i was an rn for 7 years before going to pa school- it was just a better fit for my situation. now just to get all you np's upset... i would say the pa track is more difficult... i donít know any pa programs that allow you to work a normal job during the week, do correspondence or internet courses... ha! end result... pretty much the same dern thing.

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